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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Glowing Triangle UFO Hovers Over England

Large UFO caught hovering over small village in England

A large crowd looked stunned when five mysterious UFOs were spotted hovering in the sky.

The local town was brought to a stand still  as the five orbs, in a seeming formation, hovered above Stratford-Upon-Avon for half an hour.
The unidentified flying objects lit up the otherwise clear night sky above Shakespeare's birthplace in Warwickshire on Saturday.

Skeptics dismissed the UFOs as nothing more than hot air balloons, fireworks or even lanterns which had broken loose from a local rugby club. This is unlikely as many triangle UFO sightings are reported each year which validates this sighting. Also for hot air balloons to keep in a perfect triangle formation would be near impossible. 

UFO Spotted Over South Coast UK

UFO spotted hovering over England UK

UFO spotted over south coast - and Met Office says it is definitely NOT a cloud

The fast-moving disc-shaped object baffled residents after it was seen speeding through the skies near Portsmouth

This UFO has left observers baffled after it was spotted flying over the south coast of England.
The fast-moving disc-shaped object was seen speeding through the skies near Portsmouth.
The sighting has led to speculation on Twitter over what it might be - but a Met Office expert has ruled out suggestions that it could have been a cloud.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Glowing UFO Spotted Hovering Over London

A sighting of a glowing UFO hovering over the skies of London

A strange unidentified object has been recorded hovering over the skies of London. A star-gazer has filmed intriguing footage of a glowing UFO, which he says he spotted hovering over the Thames Estuary.

The man, identified only as Space999dude, recorded the phenomenon as he drove past the river at night, he said.
The mysterious, oval aircraft can be seen suspended in the air displaying several amber-gold lights of varying sizes.

These are common colours of UFO's, lately many UK UFO sightings have matched this description could this be the same craft everybody is seeing....

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Multicolored UFO's Caught Hovering Over The Skies Of Mexico

Glowing UFO's Caught Hovering Over Mexico

I have been sent these pictures by Guillermo Meza who is from Mexico. He tells me these UFO sightings are common where he lives and he is constantly seeing them. 

Location -  Tijuana B.C. Mexico  

Time Of Sighting - About 2:30 am my time they come out around 8-9 pm after 10 you start to see activity and movement. 

Glowing UFO's Caught Over Mexico

Glowing UFO's Caught Over Mexico

These glowing UFO's were captured hovering over Mexico

I have been sent these pictures by Guillermo Meza who is from Mexico. He tells me these UFO sightings are common where he lives and he is constantly seeing them.

Location -  Tijuana B.C. Mexico 
Time Of Sighting - About 2:30 am my time they come out around 8-9 pm after 10 you start to see activity and movement.

Katie's UFO Sightings Manchester November 2014

Katie had sent me a message over Twitter requesting I put her sighting on my website below is what she experienced....

" It was Thursday 27th of November and the time was 7:00pm, I had decided to take the dogs for a walk, as we approached our local park I could see 4 bright lights in the sky, as it was common for fireworks to be around at this time of month I did not think anything of it. The lights appeared to stay in a strong formation and as the craft flew past the moon light I could almost make out a sphere shape. I thought this was a helicopter or some sort of plane but then the craft began making sharp turns and travelling at extremely fast speeds almost like it was looking for something, after 10 minutes it accelerated vertically at a burst of speed. After that night I have never seen anything like that since."

My questions to Katie.

Q. What colour was the craft?

A. Dark silver / grey

Q. What was the size of the object?

A. Around 120 feet

Q. How fast was this object travelling?

A. Really fast, more than anything I have ever seen before

Q. Where was the location?

A. Bellott Street Manchester

Katie has sketched a picture of what she saw

Large sphere shaped UFO hovers over Manchester

The writing says "Speed faster than anything I have ever seen"

Size "120 Feet"

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Huge Crop Circle Appears In The Middle Of A Desert

A crop circle has mysteriously appeared in the middle of a desert

The sand crop circle appeared in the Middle East Desert. This one of the most interesting crop circle ever photographed not so much for its size but for the fact that it appeared out of no where and there are no signs or human creation involved. There are no footprints around the boarder suggesting that no one had been near the creation itself. This one remains a mystery....

Large "Eye" Crop Circle At Warwickshire England 2014

This crop circle was pictured in Warwickshire 2014

This crop circle was pictured in Warwickshire 2014, not much information is known about this but the image itself seems to show a large circle boarder with an eye in the middle, is this a sign that "they" are watching us....

Large Cylinder Shaped UFO Hovers Over Britain

Large Cylinder Shaped UFO Hovers Over Britain

Footage of what appears to be a UFO hovering above the British coastline has caused a stir among experts. The mysterious cylinder was spotted above a busy caravan park in Brean, Somerset, on a rare sunny day last summer. Holidaymakers looked in amazement as the object appeared in the clear blue sky and remained for more than 10 minutes. These cylinder shaped UFO's are a common shape among UFO sightings, but some experts are not bought over as they just described these to be "Large Balloons"....

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Large Cylinder Shaped UFO Hovers In The Skies Of Mexico

These pictures do seem to match the typical sighting of a cylinder shaped UFO. The estimated size of this object has been guessed to be between 60-120 feet long. No conventional aircraft we use today matches this typical of aired vehicle.

Mr Garza's description of the UFO

Mr. Raul Garza who was taking pictures of the colossal fire on the Sierra Madre Oriental. "Suddenly an unexpected visitor appeared into the scenario. It was like an enormous neon tube illuminated with an intense white light" --says Raul.According to Mr. Garza, "During the computer analysis of the original negatives, I and my research team didn't find anything that could suggest that the pictures could be the product of an elaborated hoax and I can assure that Raul Garza is a respected and well-known person in this city, not interested in economical profits and popularity needs. "Raul was using a tripod and the camera was in "program" mode. The telephoto lens has a range of 25/70 mm and was set to 70 mm. 

Cylinder Shaped UFO Hovers Over Hawaii 1974

An unidentified cylinder shaped UFO hovering in the skies of Hawaii

A cylinder shaped UFO can be seen hovering in the sky of Hawaii 1974. Other photographs of the scene do not show the object but in this picture you can clearly seen an unidentified object hovering in the sky.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Proof That A UFO Was Spotted Spying On Apollo 12 Mission

UFO Follows Apollo 12

This image seems to show a UFO spying on the Apollo 12 misson

This particular image is taken from Apollo 12 and shows an odd oval-shaped object mysteriously hovering in the distance. This was picked up by UFO sightings daily. It does look as if this object is moving as it keeps a fixed position on the astronauts, other pictures have been released of this sighting and does show the object moving.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Unidentified Glowing UFO's Caught On Tape

Strange Glowing UFO's Caught On Tape

This video shows strange glowing lights high in the clouds. These glowing UFO's seem to hover in the sky for about 5 minutes then one of the unidentified objects seems to accelerate very quickly. It seems no conventional aircraft could move as quickly as this. Check out the video-

Most Important Crop Circle Ever With Embedded Binary Code!

A crop circle which shows an alien head and a strange message.

The message in the disc is a binary code and translated it reads..."Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing".

What is strange is you can see 3 circular discs next to the head, some people have speculated that it shows where these beings are from, the 3 circular discs look like the Orion's belt which is composed of 3 stars. Two of them are aligned, while the third is a little offset.
Orion's belt which could show where aliens are from.

Whatever this messages means it is very strange and detailed, could someone really carve a binary code into a crop field with so much detail...and have it read ""Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing". This message sounds very strange, who are the "Bearers" and what does "Conduit closing" mean? Or maybe this is there way of telling us they are not here to harm us and that they mean good, either way this is a strange message that to this day is still unexplained.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Glowing UFO's Caught Flying Over Massachusetts USA 1952

Project Blue Book case 1501:

Glowing UFO's Caught On Tape Flying Over The USA

Project Blue Book case 1501:

SALEM, JULY 16, 1952

The case occurred on July 16, 1952, at Salem in Massachusetts, USA. 

At 09:35 A.M., the witness, Shell Alpert, took this picture of four roughly elliptical blobs of light in formation through the window of his photographic laboratory. Alpert was a Coast Guard seaman assigned to the base in nearby Salem, MA. This photo has appeared numerous times in the Salem (MA) Evening News. 

The first analysis by US Air Force's Project Blue Book concluded it was "probably" a double exposure hoax. 

A second analysis by Blue Book concluded that it was "probably" reflections of street lamps on a window. 

Finally, the case was considered "unexplained" by Project Blue Book. 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Unidentified Glowing UFO's Spotted

Glowing UFO Caught On Tape

UFO Orbs Captured Hovering In The Sky

UFO Orbs Caught On Tape

Unidentified Glowing UFO Orbs Caught On Tape

These strange glowing UFO orbs were captured by Enrique Estrada Meza. The pictures seem to show a strange glowing object changing shape in the sky these were taken at Enrique's home.

Sunday, 14 December 2014


UFO Coming Into Earths Atmosphere

FACT - No UFO has ever been tracked on radar entering the Earth's atmosphere.

The 1952 Washington D.C. UFO Incident

Washington D.C UFO SightingsUFO Caught Flying Over Washington D.C. 1952

Washington National Airport and Andrews Air Force Base picked up a number of UFOs on their radar screens on July 19, 1952, beginning a wave of sightings still unexplained to this day.
These blips were objects traveling at about 100 M.P.H. but with the ability to accelerate to the unbelievable speed of 7,200 M.P.H.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Huge Craft Spotted Hovering Above Carolina Beach

4 Separate UFO's or 1 Large Craft...

Large Unidentified UFO Spotted Above Carolina Beach

Near Carolina Beach Date: Friday, August 16, 2002 Time: 10:00 p.m. 

HBCC UFO Notes - The witness makes no claims that this was a UFO in anyway, but he doesn't have any answers for what he and his wife witnessed. If it was lights from object, or a natural phenomena it still remains a mystery. Also i would like to add I will be posting several photos this fellow sent to me he took of the beautiful sighting. 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Unidentified Sphere Object Hovers Above Tasmania Australia

Sphere Object Hovers Above Tasmania Australia

UFO Spotted In The Sky Above Australia

"I took a series of photos "panoramic" from south west to north west on the A10 Highway& somewhere between the Franklin & Alma Rivers.

My wife and myself recently spent 8 days in Tasmania, we had a wedding to attend on the 4th of January and decided to get to Tassie a few days earlier and spend a few days there after the wedding. On the 3rd of January we travelled from Hobart to our destination for that day "Cradle Mountain", being a bit of a mad photographer and with a digital camera I tend to take a lot of photos. 

I would guesstimate the time being around 2pm. That night I downloaded the photos onto my Notebook computer at our accommodation at the Highlander at Cradle Mountain, it was not until the next day when we had arrived at Hawley Beach "location of the Wedding" I was showing some friends over a couple of pre wedding drinks some photos that I had taken to date on our adventure the object was spotted by my

friend Jason. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Mystery Of The Black Triangle UFOs

Mystery of the Black Triangle UFOs

Triangle UFO Sighting

UFOs are reported in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. From round, ball-like shapes, square boxes, cigars, to the traditional flying saucer. Out of all of these configurations, triangular-shaped UFOs seem to be receiving more attention and publicity recently.

Beginning in the early 1980′s many countries, including the United States, have experienced mass-sightings of triangle UFOs, all with similar characteristics such as shape, sound, lighting and flight patterns. Seen with increasing frequency, several excellent photos and videos have been taken of these strange craft. Nevertheless, despite these photos, no good explanation has yet surfaced to account the nature of these remarkable UFOs.

Many UFO researchers are certain that the flying triangles represent proof that the Earth is being visited by extraterrestrials. While the other side of the controversy says that these UFOs are, in fact, top secret, black budget military aircraft using technology that is years ahead of civilian science. The debate shows no sign of closure anytime soon.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Barack Obama's Head on MARS?

Barack Obama's Head Found On Mars

Credit goes to UFO enthusiast Scott Waring.

Searching for structures on Mars I found this head,' said Scott Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily blog. 'From the way its standing up I would say that it is a full statue, but is buried from the shoulders down. ' He believes the structure in 3D printed. However, another UFO enthusiast, writing on UFO Sightings Hotspot, altered the image on a computer and found Obama's head was revealed. 'By cleaning the image in a software program, I discovered that this relic has an uncanny resemblance to the United States president, Barack Obama.

The original image is taken from the Spirit Rover's Pancam 'Everest' panorama, acquired on sols 620 to 622 (October 1 to 3, 2005) from a position in the Columbia Hills at the true summit of Husband Hill on the Martian surface.
It was released online by Nasa, and even turned into an interactive panorama.

The summit region of Mars is a broad plateau about 100 meters (300 feet) above the surrounding plains of Gusev crater, consisting mostly of outcrop rocks and windblown drifts.  
The image is the latest in a series claiming to show faces on Mars.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

UFO Sighting Hawaii 1959

Early Photograph of a UFO sighting 1959

Here is one of the most breathtaking photos ever taken of a UFO, Joseph Sigel of Bellevue, Washington, took it June 18, 1959 in Waikiki, Hawaii, the same day that the blue book "unkown" case 6400 happened at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

The original is a color photograph. Saucer appears to have rounded top, and twinkling lights at bottom, giving window effect. Sent to Project Blue Book team. It was evaluated as sun glare on lens, though from shadows on shore sun seems to be at camera's rear. 

Nevertheless, the photograph has been discussed at the UFO symposium for the Congressional Hearings of 1968 by Dr. Robert N. Sheppard, who pointed out possible similarities with other UFO photographs.

Google Earth Captures UFO 2014

UFO Caught By Google Earth 2014

1967-The Betty Andreasson Abduction

UFO Alien Abduction

UFO Abduction Summary:
Just the thought of alien abduction makes most of us turn away in confusion and disbelief. However, we must confront this issue, as it is an integral part of the UFO mystery. Though abduction itself may seem unlikely, some abductions fall into the truly bizarre category. One of these cases is the abduction of Betty Andreasson that occurred on the night of January 25, 1967, in the town of South Ashburnham, Massachusetts. This riveting case has become a mainstay of UFO literature.
The Red Light:
Betty was in her kitchen around 6:30 PM on the night of her abduction. The rest of her family-seven children, her mother and father were in the living room. The lights in the house began to blink, and a red light beamed into the house through the kitchen window. Betty's kids were on edge after the lights blinked, and she ran to quiet them.
Beings Approaching:
Startled by the red beam, Betty's father ran to look out of the kitchen window to see where the light was coming from. He was amazed to see five strange creatures heading toward their house in a hopping motion. He was startled to see the creatures simply walk through the wooden door of the kitchen right into the house. In a moment, the entire family was put into a type of trance.
Description of The "Beings":
Betty's father would be attended by one of the creatures, while another began to have telepathic conversations with Betty. She and her father both thought that one of the creatures was the leader. He was about five-feet tall. The other four were approximately a foot shorter. They had very wide eyes, small ears and noses, set in a pear-shaped head. There were only slits where their mouth should have been. They only communicated with their minds.

The five creatures wore a blue coverall with a wide belt. On their sleeves could be seen a logo of a bird. Three fingers were on their hands, and their feet were shod with boots. They did not actually walk, but floated as they moved along. Betty later would recall that she was not frightened by their presence, but instead, felt calm. I had an opportunity to interview Betty and ask her some questions about her bizarre experience. See my interview with Betty Andeasson Luca. Logo of a Bird Seen:
Meanwhile, Betty's mother and children were still in a state of suspended animation. When Betty seemed worried about them, the aliens released her 11-year-old daughter from the trance to assure her that no harm was being done to her family. Soon, Betty was taken by the aliens to a waiting craft, which rested on a hill outside of her home. Betty estimated the craft to be about 20 feet in diameter, and saucer-shaped.
Missing for Four Hours:
Betty recalls that after she was aboard the UFO outside of her house, the craft took off and joined a mother-ship. There she was subjected to a physical examination, and the victim of tests by strange equipment. She was given one test which caused her pain, but resulted in being a religious awakening. She estimates that she was gone for four hours before being brought home by two of the aliens.
Memory Loss:
Returning home, she ran to see the rest of her family. They were yet in some kind of suspended state. All along, one of the aliens had waited behind with her family. Finally, they were released from the bonds of the trance, and the aliens left. Betty had been hypnotized and told not to reveal any details of her experience. Though some of the details of her abduction were temporarily lost to her, some things she was able to recall. She remembered the power outage, the red beam of light coming into the house, and the aliens coming in.
Full Investigation Of The Abduction
Some eight years after her experience, she answered an ad from researcher Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He was soliciting for anyone who may have had an alien experience. The letter she sent to Hynek was rejected, however, being too bizarre to be believed. Two more years would transpire before her story would be investigated. The group of investigators included an electronics engineer, an aerospace engineer, and telecommunications specialist, a solar physicist, and a UFO investigator.
Regressive Hypnosis Reveals All :
Betty's case of alien abduction was very strange, yet a very good case for investigation, containing much more information than the average case. Twelve months of in-depth study went into the case. Betty was involved in character analysis, polygraph examinations, psychiatric review, and fourteen sessions of regressive hypnosis. The results? Betty, along with her daughter, agreed in all basic details of the case.
The results of this analysis were presented in a 528 page review. The review basically stated that Betty and daughter were sane individuals, believing in their experience as presented. The Betty Andreasson Luca abduction is a case which still is discussed today by UFO investigators.

Herbert Schirmer UFO Abduction 1967

UFO Alien Abduction

Twenty-two-year-old policeman Herbert Schirmer would have a bizarre experience on December 3, 1976. While making his normal patrol rounds in Ashland, Nebraska, he saw what appeared to be red lights atop a large truck. He had checked locations along Highway 6, and just hit the intersection of two highways, 6 and 63, when he saw the red lights. He would get a closer look.

The Object

As he moved on down Highway 63, he came to a stop, and shined his headlights on the red-lighted object. He immediately knew the object was no truck. The red beaming lights were coming through what Schirmer described as "portholes." He could clearly see a disc-shaped, metallic UFO that was hovering about eight feet off the ground. The polished, aluminum object had a type of walkway around its circumference. He could also see what he thought were legs below the object.
The UFO began to send flames below it, as it rose into the air. Schirmer could hear a siren sound coming from the object as it rose higher and higher. The UFO then passed directly over his police car, then flew out of sight. Schirmer sped back to the police station, making a note of the time as 3:00 AM. This shocked him, because he knew he had been on patrol much longer than the 10 minutes the present time indicated. Schirmer made the following entry into his log book:

The Abduction Aftermath

Schirmer began to experience some physical problems right after his sighting. He suffered from headaches, felt ill, and had a red welt on his neck. The Condon Commission, located at the University of Colorado, and at the time, investigating UFO sightings, heard of Schirmer's sighting, and requested that he come to Boulder, Colorado. On February 13, 1968, Schirmer would undergo regressive hypnosis, administered by psychologist Dr. Leo Sprinkle of the University of Wyoming.

The regression sessions would bring out many new details that Schirmer had suppressed. As he neared the UFO, the engine in his police patroller failed, and his radio went dead. Some type of white object emerged from the UFO, and communicated with him telepathically. This object kept Schirmer from drawing his firearm. Other facts recalled by the patrolman were that the beings from the ship were friendly, they powered their UFO through the electric lines, and had a base of operation on the planet Venus.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

UFO Caught Flying Into Japanese Volcano

UFO Flies Into Active Volcano

On Thursday, September 8, 2011, a UFO was seen on the live webcam that overlooks the active volcano Sakurajima in Japan. The white unidentified flying object was immortalized on video by a YouTube user known only as 1degree72 years, who actually documented several different UFO sightings at the same location in the 24 hour period preceding this one, including one that including no fewer than five unidentified flying objects spotted at once.

Google Earth Captures UFO

UFO gets photographed by Google Earth

Saturday, 29 November 2014

UFO Hovering Over Military Activity In Baghdad

UFO Photographed In Baghdad

UFO Photographed Hovering Over Warzone Baghdad

UFO Hovers Over Military Activity Baghdad

UFO Sighting Photographed in Baghdad

A spectacular photograph of a UFO hovering over military activity in Baghdad has surfaced on the internet today.

Photographs of this quality are rare among UFO photographs, but in this particular shot you can clearly see a disc shaped, metallic object. Upon closer inspection of the image, it appears that there has been no manipulation.

The photo was taken by a US soldier during May of 2006 along Route Jackson in southern Baghdad. Apparently at the time of taking the photo, he was completely unaware of the metallic, disc shaped object hovering above. He is now AWOL from the military, and his whereabouts are unknown.

Monday, 24 November 2014

UFO Photographed During WW2 Next To Japanesse Bomber

Large UFO Follows WW2 Japanesse Bombers

Numerous UFOs photographed during WW2. They received the nickname "Foo Fighters" from a maxim used by a cartoon comic character Smokey Stover. 

This comic was a favourite among US forces during WW2. Picture source : UFO Magazine UK Jan/Feb 2000. In this photograph, a Japanese Sally Bomber flies over the Japanese Sea in 1943, followed by a dark sphere.

Several People Pointing At A UFO 1942

UFO captures the attention of people 1942 ufo sighting

This UFO was snapped by an American photographer in Tiensten, Hopeh province, China, in 1942. Several people in the photograph appear to be pointing up at the object

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Early UFO Sightings 1939

Strange UFO caught in the sky 1939

UFO Sighting Caught On Camera 1939

New Year's Day in 1939: an unidentified man pictured somewhere in the US with an unidentified object in the background

Earliest Picture Of A UFO 1870 Mount Washington

What is often claimed to be the earliest picture of a UFO, this picture was taken from the summit of Mount Washington, New Hampshire, in 1870

Large Cigar UFO Is Believed To Be Earliest Photographed UFO

Meteor.. Blast.. UFO? Massive Flash Over Russia

An extraordinary bright orange flash lit up the sky over the Sverdlovsk region in the Urals. Though locals captured the massive ‘flash’ on numerous cameras, scientists and emergency services have yet to explain the phenomenon


Thursday, 20 November 2014

NASA Captures Huge UFO Mothership

Huge UFO Mothership Captured By NASA

NASA Captures UFO Hovering Over Earth

UFO Caught On Tape By NASA

UFO Sighting From 1947

Large Glowing UFO Photographed 1947

Three Army Air Force veterans reported six flying discs over Catalan Island, and former aerial photographer, Bob Jung said he succeeded in photographing one of the objects. Photo is that which Jung says he took of one of the discs which passed over the Island. Masts and stack of steamer are seen at bottom.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

100 Objects That Have Been Sent Into Space

100 Objects That NASA Have Sent Into Space

Here are 100 things that have been sent into space:

1 • The song Across the Universe by The Beatles
2 • Lego mini-figurines of Galileo and the Roman deities Jupiter and Juno
3 • A sound recording of a kiss between a mother and child
4 • Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber (a prop from 1983 went up in 2007 with Discovery shuttle-flight mission STS-120)
5 • A colour photograph of the city of Oxford
6 • Melancholy Blues, performed by Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven
7 • A black and white diagram of human sex organs
8 • Brandenburg Concerto No2 in F (first movement)
9 • JS Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No2 conducted by Karl Richter
10 • Australia Morning Star and Devil Bird Aboriginal songs
11 • A sound recording of a shepherd herding sheep
12 • Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry
13 • Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground by blues musician Blind Willie Johnson
14 • Buzz Lightyear toy. The astronaut action figure of the Toy Story films went in 2008 with Discovery mission STS-124
15 • A sound recording of the rain
16 • A colour photograph of Snowflakes over Sequoia
17 • A colour photograph of a tree with daffodils
18 • Dirt from the pitcher’s mound at Yankee Stadium (taken by astronaut and Yankees fan Garret Reisman in 2008).
19 • A piece of the rudimentary airplane the Wright brothers flew in 1903, when the aircraft came a few feet off of the ground
20 • Two golden orb spiders, named Gladys and Esmerelda, were housed on the International Space Station in 2011
21 • Lots of dead space monkeys, many called Albert
22 • Andy Warhol's drawing of a penis, included on a small ceramic tile carried on Apollo 12
23 • Claus Oldenberg's drawing of Mickey Mouse
24 • The Fallen Astronaut, a small figurine by Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonk
25 • An interactive video performance called ARTSAT from Austrian artist Richard Kriesche
26 • Small bits of bone and eggshell from the duck-billed dinosaur Maiasaura peeblesorum, sent on SpaceLab2 in 1985
27 • A saxophone
28 • Holograms and cubes made from water samples from some of the world's major rivers, part of the Lowry Burgess's Boundless Cubic Lunar Aperture project
29 • Arthur Woods's Cosmic Dancer, an aluminium sculpture painted with acrylics
30 • A watercolour by Elizabeth Carroll Smith called When Dreams are Born
31 • Primsa, a sculpture by artist Pierre Comte that consists of 14 small painted spheres each 2.5 cm in diameter with seven limbs extending from its axis
32 • Two art prints by the German artist Michael Böhme
33• A piece of music composed by Blur
34 • A DVD called Monochrome (for Mars) by Australian artist Stephen Little
35 • A portion of the remains of space physicist Gerard K O'Neill (1927–1992)
36 • A sound recording of an F-111 flyby
37 • A portion of the remains of Krafft Ehricke (1917–1984), rocket scientist
38 • The 2008 remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still was beamed to Alpha Centauri in 2008
39 • 25,800 text messages from Australians, in a 2009 project called Hello From Earth, sent to Gliese 581
40 • 100,000 Craigslist advertisements, including 'Free kittens to a good home'
41 • A corned beef sandwich from a Cocoa Beach, Florida deli, taken by John Young in 1965. It disintegrated in the low gravity
42 • Sea urchin sperm
43 • Senegalese percussion recorded by Charles Duvelle
44 • A sound recording of a ship's horn
45 • A soccer ball
46 • Two sets of coins commemorating Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the Americas, aboard the space shuttle Atlantis for a 2007 mission.
47 • A giant 3D printer
48 • A sound recording of a blacksmith working
49 • A printed message, written in 1977, from President Jimmy Carter
50 • Lots and lots of vomit bags
51 • Four cans of Pepsi and four cans of Coke, which were on board the Challenger in 1985
52 • Pizza Hut paid nearly £750,000 in 2000 to become the first company to deliver pizza in space – to Russian cosmonaut Yuri Usachov
53 • New Guinea Men's house song by Robert MacLennan
54 • A sound recording of a bus
55 • Gavotte en rondeau from the Partita No. 3 in E major for Violin
56 • A sound recording of ocean waves breaking, on 12-inch gold-plated copper discs
57 • A Cargo Tag from Jamestown, found by archaeologists researching the colony
58 • The ashes of Star Trek's James Doohan, who played Scotty on the original television series
59 • The X-Ray of a hand
60 • A sound recording of "a tame dog"
61 • A recording of El Cascabel, in a mariachi interpretation by Antonio Maciel y Las Aguilillas, composed by Mexico's Lorenzo Barcelata
62 • An hour long recording of the brainwaves of Ann Druyan
63 • Japanese flute player Goro Yamaguchi playing Tsuru No Sugomori (Crane's Nest)
64 • A golf ball hit on the moon by Apollo 14 mission astronaut Alan Shepard. He sent it 200 yards (182.9 meters) in zero-gravity
65 • A set of mud pots
66 • The sound recording of Morse Code
67 • A Le Brouere cheese wheel (to honour the Monty Python’s Flying Circus cheese shop sketch)
68 • A film poster from the 1984 Val Kilmer movie Top Secret!
69 • Up In The Air, a pop single from actor Jared Leto’s band 30 Seconds To Mars.
70 • A copy of Ruhnama (The Book of the Soul), written by Saparmurat Niyazov, who was President of Turkmenistan from 1990 to 2006
71 • A sound recording of laughter
72 • A colour diagram of DNA structure
73 • A photograph of the Sydney Opera House
74 • A sound recording of a tractor
75 • A Chosen Bun burger and chips meal
76 • A Doritos commercial was sent 42 light years away to a star system called 47 Ursae Majoris, which is part of the Big Dipper.
77 • The skull of a meat-eating Coelophysis from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
78 • A sound recording of a heartbeat
79 • A sound recording of footsteps
80 • A sound recording of a horse and cart
81 • A greeting in Korean from Soon Hee Shin, saying "Please be well."
82 • Tardigrades, or 'water bears', microscopic eight-legged creatures that can survive extreme temperatures
83 • A sample of salmonella, aboard the space shuttle Atlantis in 2007 by Arizona State University. The bacteria became even more virulent in space
84 • A sound recording of a hyena
85 • The watch and a scarf owned by celebrated aviator Amelia Earhart
86 • A sound recording of a steam train
87 • A sound recording of the wind
88 • HeLa cells, which are named for Henrietta Lacks, a cancer patient in the Fifties from whom they were sampled
89 • A copy of Playboy Magazine, taken by a member of the backup crew of Apollo 12 in 1967
90 • A vial of communion wine and communion bread, taken by astronaut Buzz Aldrin
91 • A triple barrel TP-82 capable of 40 gauge shotgun rounds, taken by Soviet cosmonauts in 1965
92 • Music of the Spheres, Johannes Kepler's Harmonices Mundi played by Laurie Spiegel
93 • A sound recording of thunder
94 • A sound recording of a someone sawing wood
95 • Peruvian traditional panpipes and drums, courtesy of Casa de la Cultura
96 • Beethoven's Symphony No 5, First Movement, played by The Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Otto Klemperer
97• A sound recording of crickets
98 • A sound recording of Saturn V Lift-off
99 • The ashes of Gene Roddenberry, the man who created Star Trek, who had his remains shot into space in 1997
100 • A greeting in Zulu from Fred Dube, telling aliens: "We greet you, great ones. We wish you longevity."