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Friday, 30 January 2015

UFO SIGHTING: Two Sphere Shaped UFO's Hover Over Washington USA

These two sphere shaped UFO's were spotted by an eyewitness hovering over Washington.The witness described these objects as 2 dark grey balls slowly moving. 

UFO SIGHTING: Two Sphere Shaped UFO's Hover Over Washington USA

2 Unidnetified UFO's Spotted Flying Over Washington USA

UFO Sighting Description - 2 dark grey balls slowly flew outside my window, spinning around each other.

Location - Washington USA

Event Time - 2010-09-12 10:00AM

Eyewitness Testimony

'I was just sitting at my computer and have a window open infront of me, and I looked up and saw 2 black spheres a little bigger then average balloon size i would say, but they were perfect spheres, and they were flying slow keeping the same altitude, spinning around each other. I didn’t see any connection between them. They just flew by and disappeared behind the tree.'

'P.S: the picture i took is from behind the window, so ignore all the little spots on the picture other then the highlighted area.'

Unidentified Crafts Hovers Over Lithuania Baffles Eyewitness

This unidentified craft was spotted over Lithuania, the unidentified object was seen by an eyewitness at 11:30pm. The craft stayed in the sky for over 10 minutes.

Unidentified Crafts Hovers Over Lithuania Baffles Eyewitness

UFO Sighting Description - Two circles of white bright round lights, smaller one a bit lower than the bigger one. Lights on both of them were circling clockwise.

Location - Strange UFO Orbs Spotted Hovering Over Lithuania

Event Time - 2003-07-27 11:30PM

Eyewitness Testimony - 

'I was returning home from my relatives with my family late that night (2003 july 27-29 (not sure now), about 11:30 PM (timezone +2 GMT) when after the road curve we all saw the object on our left. I have stopped the car immediately and opened a window. Looked back at my parents to make sure they see the same. They just nodded. Then we were just standing there or about 10 minutes and observing it.

Side note - I was always into these kind of things, but I remember saying then loud - Oh no, i'm not going there. Fear of the unknown, I guess].[/size]

Ok, so here is the object – Two circles of white bright round lights, smaller one a bit lower than tne bigger one. Lights onn both of them were circling clockwise I think (there was some disagreement about the direction afterwards). It hovered in about 50 meters, about 200 meters from the road.

After about 10 minutes it started moving along the road in the direction o Marijampolë (where we were traveling) and a little away. I started the engine and was driving for another 100 meters, then the road turns right. The object was fading as it moved, not because of the distance, but by itself. Then it flied further away across the river and was still visible for some time. Finally the glow of townlights hid it from our sight.

I’d like to add, that that night was totally dark, but there were no clouds at all – the sky was full of stars.

As for possible explanations, first thought was that it is some projection on the clouds or some light show.. But as i know that place very well, there isn’t any such installations, because its a farmland with a river valley cutting it across, no population on that side of the road whatsoever.'

UFO With Flashing Blue Lights Spotted Over Italy Rome

A strange looking UFO has been spotted hovering above Rome, Italy. The eyewitness stated that the extremely bright light was hovering low and in a fixed position. 

'UFO' With Flashing Blue Lights Spotted Over Italy Rome

This Unidentified UFO Was Spotted Hovering Over Rome Italy

UFO Sighting Description - Extremely bright fixed light low on the horizon…disappeared after about an hour

Location - Rome Italy

Event Time - 2008-07-07 11:00PM

Eyewitness Testimony -

'Me and my roommate saw an unusually bright dot low on the horizon and took a couple photos of it. After about an hour when we looked again it was not there. We were home, hanging out on our terrace.'

'UFO' Spotted Following Passenger Plane Over New York

This unidentified UFO has been spotted hovering close to a passenger plane. The witnesses stated that the object was moving rapidly and that it was visible with the naked eye.

'UFO' Spotted Following Passenger Plane Over New York

UFO Sighting Description - Taking a pic of a 747 flying overhead when I saw in the bottom corner of the screen an object (UFO) 

Location - New York USA

Event Time - 2010-07-03 7:00PM

Eyewitness Testimony -

'I was in the parking lot of a music venue on Long Island, tailgating with friends prior to the show, on the 3rd of July 2010. I had my cell phone out and was taking a picture of the venue and the sky at 7:00pm (note: not a single cloud in the sky). Approx. 1 minute later (7:01pm) a typical commercial jet/airplane (i.e. 747) appeared in the sky and was passing overhead. It looked cool in the all blue empty sky so I aimed my camera phone and took a pic. 

As soon as I pressed the shutter I saw in the corner of my naked eye (and on the screen of phone) a object approx. the same size as the tail of the 747, moving very rapidly from left to right, at least 2 – 3 times faster than the airplane. By the time I tried to take a second picture it was gone from view over the horizon.'

'UFO' Spotted Hovering Next To Eiffel Tower

A saucer shaped UFO has been spotted hovering next to the Eiffel tower. The witness states that he was at the top of the Arc De Triomphe taking pictures, he then looked and noticed he has captured a strange anomaly.

'UFO' Spotted Hovering Next To Eiffel Tower

UFO Sighting Description - Grey Flying Saucer Over Eiffel Tower

Location - Paris France

Event Time - 2012-07-07 12:00AM

Eyewitness Testimony -

Noticed UFO upon review of vacation photos; did not notice with eyes

I was atop the Arc de Triomphe, on the southeast rail, capturing the Eiffel Tower. To me the anomaly in the image appears to be a stereotypical grey flying saucer, at a slant, with a domed roof. This anomaly did not appear in photos captured seconds later and from the same position.

UFO SIGHTING: Shape Shifting UFO Spotted Over Canada

These Glowing UFO's were spotted by an eyewitness hovering over Canada. The witness stated that the objects looked like orbs.

UFO SIGHTING: Shape Shifting UFO Spotted Over Canada
Unidentified Object Has Been Spotted Hovering Over Canada

Glowing Orb Has Been Spotted Flying Over Canada

UFO Sighting Description - 3 consecutive nights this ORB was visible, 1st 2 nights on West side, 3rd night was on West side

Location - London Canada

Event Time - 2008-10-15 9:59PM

Eyewitness Testimony

'3 consecutive nights this ORB was visible, 1st 2 nights on West side, 3rd night was on West side!

On the evenings of October 15th, 16th, & 17th…. I witnessed this ORB shaped object hovering in the sky. I was having cigarette-breaks on my balcony at the time of all 3 sightings, each evening it was visible between the hours of 8:00P.M. & 10:00P.M., I never got in until 8:00PM, and each night I had to go to bed by 10:00PM (I wake at 4:00AM during the week), so for all I know they could have been in the sky for longer durations; but I can only testify to the 2-hour window mentioned above.

Please “open” these pics with “Window’s Picture & Fax Viewer”, and then MAGNIFY them to the largest magnification possible. They look unnatural and freaky to me.
PS- the 3rd Picture (Oct.17th) appeared as an ORB by eye visibility, but when I uploaded the pics to my computer, it looks like a “cigar-shaped” object. I figure either my hand holding the camera moved, or the object moved (or descended) while the camera was blocking my eyes.'

UFO SIGHTING: Silver Orb Spotted Flying Over Canada

Silver disc shaped UFO spotted flying over Canada. The eyewitness stated that he could see a very shinny object flying in and out of the clouds, below is the eyewitnesses testimony.

Silver Disc UFO Caught Hovering Over Canada

UFO Sighting Description - Silver object spotted in binos recorded through my telescope with handheld video camera

Location - Canada Kelowna

Event Time - 2009-08-21 2:30PM

Eyewitness Testimony - 

'Two days ago I was looking for unidentifiables, expecting to see nothing I watch the clouds laying in my lawn chair recliner with binocs glued to my head scanning the sky, high in the north western sky I noticed a very small shinny objects travelling in front of the clouds on a slow consistent south west path. 

I observed it for a good 20 minutes when my neighbour startled me to ask to check why the sink leaks. about 10-15 minutes later I was outside again trying to find where it had gone. from my first observation I predicted that if on the same path it would be somewhere in front of it(obviously) after looking all over, to my excitement I had found it again. It appeared much farther away. In the back of my mind from when I frist saw it I had been telling myself to grab my telescope and have a look, but hesitated. 

I figured I would lose it and never see it again doing so. after a long viewing of the object through binoculars and not seeing much more than a point of silver light I took my telescope out and tried to find it. it took me a while to find. by now it was low in the west travelling what seemed to be farther away and creeping north. I took about 30 pictures through my telescope in magnifications ranging from 48x96x and 120x the pictures were quite blury due to my lack of camera skills. 

I then used the cameras video recording option and recorded 3 clips 2 in 120x mag and 1 in 48x magnification. The object was perfect round. On the clips the scope is bouncing slightly due to wind and shifts when I attempt to center the object. The picture I am sending is taken from the third video and sharpened with paint shop pro, and is my fav image from the event so far. I would like to think it is a weatherballoon but the characteristics of the objects and what I have been seeing on the internet, leed me to think otherwise. maybe someone can debunk this.'

UFO Sighting In Clovis New Mexico Strange Craft Spotted

This strange looking unidentified craft was spotted by an eyewitness hovering over New Mexico, they stated that the object was strange looking and was hovering in the sky changing colour. 

This Unidentified Object Has Been Spotted Hovering Over New Mexico

Strange Unidentified Craft Hovering Over New Mexico

Unidentified Flying Craft Spotted Hovering Over Mexico

UFO Sighting Description - Odd shape, hovering and high speed.

Location - Clovis New Mexico

Event Time - 2010-05-03 10:45PM

Eyewitness Testimony -

'I watched the late new’s and saw the weather report 5-3-10 , the following day was going to be windy, I had to go outside to move my Bonsai tree’s to a location that they wouldn't be damaged by tommorrow’s wind. when I went outside to do so, just before 11pm I Looked up at the night sky and noticed an object to the west of my house hovering and changing color , I thought it strange and thought i would run inside my house and grab my camera with my long 400mm-800mm len’s and my tripod to view this object better. 

I ran back outside and set up my camera, the object remained in the same place for some 7-8 minutes without any movement or sound. I took 1 photo of it in this position( See photo titled UFO photo #1 )., then the object seemed to rotate around , as if it were going to move in another direction, I took 1 more phot , as I backed off my camera len’s to get a longer/wider view, the object took off south in direction at an alarming speed, I managed to snap the last photo as it left. 

These photo’s were long exposure’s because of the low light condition’s which saturated the colors more than normal , but they are surprisingly clear , and you can see distant star’s in the background’s with NO motion blur. I Live 8 mile’s from a Air Force military installation, so this object could be a black op’s project , but from the photo’s and the speed involved in my sighting I can easily say , it is like nothing ive ever seen..Really a strange night, but also exhilarating.'

Green Glowing UFO's Captured Over Texas

This unidentified green glowing light was spotted flying over Texas, the eyewitness stated that it caught his attention because it lit up the sky.

Bright Glowing Green UFO Caught Flying Over Texas

UFO Sighting Description - Bright Glowing Green

Location - Texas USA

Event Time - 2011-03-19 8:30PM

Eyewitness Testimony - 

'While taking pictures of the full moon we captured a lighted object going across the sky.

My wife and I were on the front part of our property taking night pictures of the super-close moon. We did not see the object with our eyes. It wasn’t until we came in and put the pictures on the computer to process that we saw the light moving across the sky. We ruled out plane/jet as we should have seen that with our naked eyes. There was no sound, but it was far away and very high. 

As you can see from the progression of the light it doesn’t appear in the first photo, then starting with the 2nd it comes up from the tree line and goes up and to the right until it goes off the photo edge in the last picture. When it was enlarged we could see the different lights. 

They appear to be moving around the object in a rotating pattern. Since we did not see the object until we processed the photos we had no reaction while it was going across the sky. But once we enlarged the object we could tell that it was not a plane or weather balloon. The lights make it a totally unknown object to us. Perhaps you can help us out on what it could be?'

'I am attaching 3 of 6 3000 high resolution photos showing the object in progression from beginning to end.'

Unidentified Glowing Craft Over Seattle Washington

Strange Glowing UFO Spotted Over Seattle Washington

Glowing UFO Sighting

Unidentified Glowing Craft Over Seattle Washington

Strange Glowing UFO Spotted Over Seattle Washington

This unidentified glowing craft was spotted by an eyewitness he stated that he only saw the glowing UFO for a few minutes "I caught this UFO through a binocular lense and a camera. It was at Seattle, between Harbor Island and Ballard and I would say it was hovering."

UFO Sighting Description - Glowing UFO

Date of sighting -  February 4, 2012

Location of sighting -  Seattle, Washington, USA

Glowing UFO Caught During Sunset In Cottonwood California

This bright object was spotted above Cottonwood California, the eyewitness states the craft was only there for a short period of time and could capture only a few pictures. 

Glowing UFO Caught During Sunset In Cottonwood California

Unidentified Craft Spotted Hovering Over California

UFO Sighting Description - Glowing UFO

Date of sighting -  August 10, 2014

Location of  sighting - Cottonwood, California, USA

Eyewitness Testimony

My Mom and I were headed home from Red Bluff Ca headed north on I-5. We were almost to the Bowman road exit at the time the photo was taken. My Mom asked me to take a picture of the sunset. It was Aug 10, 2014 around 8:30 p.m. After turning on to Bowman Rd. heading west, I saw a bright light in the sky, but quickly lost track of it. I noticed the dates said Aug 11 on the pictures that i took on the way home. The rest of the photos that I took earlier that day were dated Aug 10. I notice it while tranfering pics from phone to pc. I checked the phone and the pc, they both had the right date and time on them.

UFO SIGHTING: Disc Shaped Craft Hovers Over USA

This strange disc shaped craft was spotted by an eyewitness by accident, they claimed to have been taking pictures of the location and it wasn't until this picture was uploaded they noticed something else was in there photo.

Strange Disc Shaped Craft Caught Over USA

Unidentified Craft Spotted Over USa

UFO Sighting Description -  I snapped a photo and later found a white thing in the shot

Location - San Diego USA

Event Time - 2013-03-02 12:00AM

Eyewitness Testimony 

I was not aware that I had taken a photo of whatever this is until I started posting the photos on our vacation blog after I returned from California.
The photo was taken from the 33rd floor of the Manchester Hyatt.

It might be one of the planets that somehow was visible during the day. Also, this photo was shot through glass, however the white thing does not appear in any of the other photos I took within seconds of each other.'

Mysterious Bright Craft Caught Over Saint John Canada

These bright colored UFO's were spotted by an eyewitness above Saint John Canada, the witness stated that the craft  kept fading in and out and showing different lights.

Mysterious Bright Craft Caught Over Saint John Canada

This Unidentified Craft Was Spotted Above Canada

Mysterious UFO Caught Over Saint John Canada

This UFO Has Been Spotted Above Over Saint John Canada

This Bright Craft Was Spotted Flying Over Canada

Mysterious Bright Craft Caught Over Saint John Canada

UFO Sighting Description - Bright colored lights and was fading in and out of camera view.

Location - Saint John Canada

Event Time - 2012-05-03 12:00AM

Eyewitness Testimony

'I was testing my new sony handycam i just bought at my window which is a 70 times 2000 zoom cam, at 12:34am and just happened to move the cam up a notch and noticed in my viewer of my cam lights fading in and out of view and saw lights of different colors and started recording it,as i noticed it wasn't a plane or anything in the area at the time and was above the moon and knew it wasn't a plane because of the distance. i started recording it because i knew it wasn't anything i ever saw before, i wasn't sure what it was but knew it wasn't a plane or anything else , it just kept fading in and out showing different lights as it did that. 

I lowered the cam a bit and caught it. i felt kind of freaked out at the time because of what it was and wasn't the only time i recorded something else in the night skies above the moon. it was kind of exciting knowing that there is something else out there and am still amazed by it. i i tried to zoom in a bit but lost it as i did.'

UFO Spotted Emitting Orange Beam Of Light

This strange orange beam of light was witnessed by people after seeing an unidentified craft, the location of this UFO sighting was Oklahoma USA.

UFO Spotted Emitting Orange Beam Of Light

Orange Glowing UFO Spotted

UFO Sighting Description - Beam Of Light 

Location - Oklahoma USA

Event Time - 2012-07-25 9:25PM

Eyewitness Testimony - 

My husband and I are accustomed to seeing many unusual things in our area. This particular evening we witnessed plane after plane flying over our home, both low and high altitudes. When we played back the video I saw a bar of light zoom in front of the lens that we did not see when filming.

 I had a previous sighting in May of a V shaped object which was flat with 6 orange lights underneath and I don’t know if this is the same thing but it definitely could be! I tried to rationalize that this could be a reflection of some kind but I have no idea where the light would have come from.

Mysterious 'Black Craft' Has Been Spotted Over Oregon USA

This unidentified black craft was spotted above Orgeon USA, the eyewitness states 'the sky was clear and there were no signs of aircraft there. I didn't see the UFO because I held the camera above my head and clicked the shutter a couple of times.'

Mysterious 'Black Craft' Has Been Spotted Over Oregon USA

UFO Sighting Description - UFO Image Appears on two digital photos taken in a remote part of Oregon

Location - Oregon USA

Event Time - 2009-07-04 6:53AM

Eyewitness Testimony - 

On the fourth of July I took a lot of photographs int The Painted Hills of The John Day Fossil Beds in central Oregon. I reviewed the digital camera files when I got home the next day and found an unusual elliptical shape near the top of one photo. I enlarged it and enhanced it as much as I could with Photo Shop and Photo Paint, but it remains unclear. the enhancement did bring out distinct concentric ellipses, an inner one surrounded by an outer one. 

When changing the image to a negative view it became a little more visible. The photo was taken through the moon roof of my car at 6:53:16 AM., The sky was clear and there were no signs of aircraft there. I didn’t see the UFO because I held the camera above my head and clicked the shutter a couple of times. Today, I checked another photo that was taken at 6:58:02 AM and found an image higher in altitude. It is very small and obscure, but has the same basic features as the one found in the other photo.

Glowing UFO Over Volcano Makes Hole In Cloud Mexico

This unidentified object has been spotted near the Popocatepetl volcano, the object looks like its made up of 2-3 large orange orbs. The puzzling bit about this sighting is we can see there is a hole in the cloud where it came from with white streaks leading to the UFO, this clearly tells us there was an object there.

Glowing UFO Over Volcano Makes Hole In Cloud Mexico

UFO Spotted Hovering Over Volcano

UFO Sighting Description - UFO Makes Hole In Clouds

Date of sighting - August 18, 2014

Location of sighting -  Popocatepetl, Mexico

Glowing UFO Orbs Over Client Hills England

These glowing UFO were spotted over Client Hills England, the eyewitness states that these lights did not come from a airplane or helicopter the objects were much bigger.

Glowing UFO Orbs Over Client Hills England

Strange Unidentified UFO Spotted Over England

UFO Sighting Description - Glowing UFO Orbs

Date of sighting - July 29, 2012

Location of sighting -  Client Hills, England

Eyewitness Testimony

" Filmed @ 2:50 am on sunday the 29th july 2012 over clent hills England these lights arnt the usual police helicopters lights, and they werent sky lanterns or an rc plane/helicopter! it looked around 4 to 5 x bigger than the helicopter looks, after hovering for around 50+ minutes they flew off to the left..........."

Orange Glowing Orb Spotted Hovering Over Moscow Russia

This mysterious glowing orange object was spotted over the capital of Russia. The orb seems to pulse and change its brightness and can easily be seen moving through the sky. 

Orange Glowing Orb Spotted Hovering Over Moscow Russia

UFO Sighting Description - Glowing Orange UFO

Date of sighting -  May 6, 2012

Location of sighting -  Moscow, Russia