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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Orange Glowing UFO's Spotted Hovering Above LA USA 2015

These orange glowing UFO's have been spotted hovering above LA 2015, many local eyewitnesses stated that they spotted the objects and said that they just hovered in the same place motionless.

Orange Glowing UFO's Spotted Hovering Above LA USA 2015

Eyewitness Testimony 

"We were going down the interstate on our way home going across the long bridge i looked up and noticed a glowing ball in the sky i knew it wasent a plane or a helicopter or a tower i drve that way every other day the object just seemed to hover in one spot. 

I grabed my phone and started takeing pictures of it and i noticed people passing me were looking at it and pointing at it too i took about twenty pictures of the objects we watched them for about two hours what realy shocked me was about ten minutes before my exit came up we saw two planes one on the left of the object and one on the right of the object looked like they were on a intercept corse it was a glowing ball in the sky and a smaller one behind the bigger one."

UFO Sighting Description - Orange UFO's

Date - 02/01/2015

Location - LA USA

Colour - Orange