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Sunday, 29 March 2015

UFO NEWS: Mysterious Black Orb Shaped UFO Caught Above New Zealand 2015

This mysterious black orb shaped UFO has been caught by local eyewitnesses hovering above New Zealand 2015, the object can be seen hovering above a field.

UFO 2015 Mysterious Black Orb Shaped UFO Caught Above New Zealand 2015

Eyewitness Testimony 

After a day of dining and wine tasting at numerous winelands and the last – Matawhero Wineland, we headed back to the car. My family was already in the car and I decided to take a picture with my iPhone 6 with everyone inside the car.
I felt like deleting it immediately, but kept it and just before entering the car I took another picture of a crowd of young adults playing cricket on the opposite field (with no “spot” on the lens).
As I was scrolling through my photos, I came across a dark spot in the background and thought it might have been something on the lens but since the second picture of the young adults playing cricket did not contain any spots on the lens, I investigated further by editing and zooming into the photo.
The dark object clearly has a ufo shape. It was a little blurry in the background because of possible movement and/or lack of focus.

UFO Sighting Description - Black Orb

Date - 14/01/2015

Location - Gisborne New Zealand 

Colour - Black