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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

UFO NEWS: Mysterious Glowing UFO Caught Hovering Above USA 2015

This mysterious glowing UFO has been caught by local eyewitnesses hovering above Texas 2015, the witnesses have stated that the object was emitting bright lights.

UFO 2015 Mysterious Glowing UFO Caught Hovering Above USA 2015

UFO 2015 This Glowing UFO Caught Hovering Above USA 2015

Eyewitness Testimony 

"Coming home from work noticed light flickering to the south of me. When I turned to get on another road I seen another light but golden in color that seemed like it was not too far up from the tree tops. then I noticed the first light flickering what seemed to be different colors. 

Tried to take pictures but forgot my memory card in my computer. rushed home grabbed it and went back down the road to the church were I can get great views and started filming and snapping pictures. Viewed the first flickering light for a good while because it seemed to be spinning because of the different colors i could see. 

I kept wondering what are we seeing here in our city now for three days right in plain site and it seems i am the only one noticing them. Actually when I got to work my coworkers (2 of them) said they seen the same lights flickering the other day too."

UFO Sighting Description - 

Date 2015-01-18 6:39PM

Location - Texas USA

Colour - Green / Yellow / Orange / Red