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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

UFO SIGHTING: Cigar Shaped UFO Has Been Spotted Hovering Near Rocket 2015

This cigar shaped UFO has been spotted by a local eyewitness hovering above Florida 2015, the object can be seen hovering near a rocket that has been recently launched.

UFO Sightings Cigar Shaped UFO Spotted Hovering Near Rocket 2015

Eyewitness Testimony 

"I was watching a rocket launch from my front porch on 2/11/15. The rocket launched from Cape Canaveral, FL. I took several photos of the rocket as it gained altitude. I saw nothing unusual while taking photos.

It wasn’t until I loaded the photos on my computer and looked at them that I noticed an object on one photo only in the same shot as the rocket.

It wasn’t there on the photo before and it wasn’t there on the photo after. There were only a few seconds between photos."

UFO Sighting Description - Cigar Shaped UFO

Date 2015-02-11 6:03PM

Location - Florida USA

Colour - Black