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Sunday, 29 March 2015

UFO SIGHTING: Red Glowing UFO Has Been Spotted Hovering Above Florida 2015

This red glowing UFO has been spotted hovering above Florida 2015, the eyewitness has stated that there was a huge ball of light making no noise and that they had never seen anything so bright.

UFO Sightings Red Glowing UFO Has Been Spotted Hovering Above Florida 2015

Eyewitness Testimony 

"About 11:15pm my wife calls me to come out on balcony. There just above Sawgrass expressway a fairly large red glowing ball headed SW. No noise. Never seen such a bright red almost like an energy glow. 

It appeared round maybe a little oval. A bright white light appeared to be in center or maybe through the center not sure as the glow was so intense. My wife said “Is on fire” I said no but kept staring at it trying to figure out what the hell it could be. As it went past building I run downstairs to apartments courtyard and observe it til it dissapeared in the distance. Lasted maybe 5 minutes. Walk back into apartment and start telling wife what the heck was that. She interrupts me saying hurry up and look and sure enough like deja vu exactly same thing again. 

I wish I took photo from balcony but it happened so fast and unexpected. I start to run out again except she yells take your phone and take pics. Of course I’m trying to zoom in with my new phone but couldn’t figure it out. I start taking pics. If you look at pic close the object appears doing mostly white maybe from camera flash but the outline shows red. I zoomed in on pics on computer. A couple pics show the bright courtyard lights glaring at ground level I thought ruined the shot so I didn’t zoom in on those pics until a couple days later. 

It you zoom in you see the red object maybe because flash didn’t go off due to courtyard lights. It blew my mind to see the deep red. Then I notice something else in top right corner I didn’t notice when I was observing red object so intently. A bluish purple object shadowing the red object. What the heck could it be. There was no noise."

UFO Sighting Description - Glowing UFO

Date - 08/01/2015

Location - Florida USA

Colour - Red / Orange