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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Large Glowing UFO Has Been Caught Hovering Above Texas

This large glowing UFO has been caught hovering next to the moon 2015, the eyewitness who spotted the UFO has stated that it was very large.

Large Glowing UFO Has Been Caught Hovering Above Texas

Eyewitness Testimony 

I was taking pictures from my front yard and street, facing n. e. ( some picture’s were taken from street and some from porch about every 5 min’s.of the (blood) moon and started noticing a difference to the right of the moon. 

Fuzzy looking lites in rolls mostly white then mixed with color’s, a half dome on the top with a small lite in the middle, there were three other colored lites off from the bottom I took more and all of a sudden all I saw was exhaust tracks in front of the moon. 

When I downloaded the photo’s I was shocked at what I caught on tape. In the middle of my pictures to the right side of the moon, was the unusual light’s in a pattern , about 4/5 stories tall, I really can’t tell how wide, The dome was about middle of craft. 

UFO Sighting Description - 

Date - 19/02/2015

Location - Texas USA