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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Mysterious Black Orb Shaped UFO Captured Above USA

This mysterious black orb shaped UFO has been captured above Salt Lake USA. The object does not seem to match a conventional aircraft and does even look like one. Below is the witness testimony.

Black UFO, Mysterious Black Orb Shaped UFO Captured Above USA

UFO Description - Black Sphere

Location - Salt Lake City USA

'It was a typical day, it was Mothers Day and me and my dad celebrated with my mom having a BBQ in our backyard. So at 8:00 ironically a program came on the BIO channel called “Alien Cover-Up” it that show talked about UFO research cover-up in locations of Nevada and Utah. Well I normally don’t follow the UFO stuff as much as I used to because it is all about stories and lights in the skies. I always was a believer but I never thought that I would see something. So we went outside to check on the BBQ since it was almost ready.

I looked up above in the sky, which our neighbors garage is in front and above it I noticed a pitched black object. The object was above seen about 100 feet away, about a block down from my street. At first I thought it was a hang glider because it appeared to shaped like one, then I thought it was that airplane and I was expecting a banner or something to promote the Salt Lake Bees or something.'