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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Mysterious Glowing UFO Caught Hovering Above Scotland

This mysterious glowing UFO has been caught hovering high in the sky above Scotland, the eyewitness has stated that the UFO was shape shifting and emitting strange lights.

Mysterious Glowing UFO Caught Hovering Above Scotland

Eyewitness Testimony 

At 7:45pm, 10/3/2015, letting dogs out the back door, when i noticed a really bright light in the sky in-front of me, it had been there for three nights, so I got my iPhone out and took a sequence of pictures and noticed it was changing shape. 

Have a 3 minutes video of it as well as pictures. It was amazing to watch and here I thought it was just a star, ran in and showed my mother oh just kept saying that,s is weird and so beautiful. 

UFO Sighting Description - Bright UFO

Date 2015-03-10 7:38PM

Location - Kilwinning Scotland 

Colour - Blue