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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Shape Shifting UFO Has Been Caught Hovering Above Kingston USA

This strange shape shifting UFO has been caught above Kingston USA, the eyewitness stated that the object hovered motionless and was changing colour.

UFO Sightings Shape Shifting UFO Caught Hovering Above Kingston USA, UFO Sighting News

Eyewitness Testimony -

I witnessed an Organic looking floating and hovering object. It moved right changing colour and shape. I was able to capture photos of movement as well as shape changing and colour changing.

I was at a cottage in the 1000 islands region near Kingston, Ontario and experienced seeing something very abnormal in the sky. I was sitting on a dock over looking a lake when the object appeared from across the lake and moved towards the dock. The object can only be described as an organic looking connected formation of lights that hovered about 100 feet above the lake. The object moved towards my location initially then moved to the right slowly, while at the same time it changed shape and colour. I remember seeing red, purple, green ,orange and blue. 

The object’s reflection could clearly be seen in the dark lake. At one point the object even seemed to form a face and arms. It was not a craft or ship of any time was certainly not man made. But it was clearly glowing and and a defined image. It kept moving right before it dropped below the tree line and disappeared.