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Thursday, 2 April 2015

UFO NEWS: Mysterious Glowing UFO Has Been Caught Hovering Above USA 2015

This mysterious glowing UFO has been caught hovering above US 2015, the eyewitness has stated that the object was emitting a range of colours and that the object itself was travelling fast.

UFO 2015 Mysterious Glowing UFO Caught Hovering Above USA 2015

Eyewitness Testimony 

" I spotted this opal like object hovering above my house and had no idea as to what it could be, it was emitting these weird colours aswell could have been a weather phenomenon but it was also flying fast which was the weird thing."

UFO Sighting Description - Multi Colored UFO Caught Over USA

Date - 01/02/2015

Location - USA

Colour - Multi Coloured