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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

UFO NEWS: Orange Glowing UFO Has Been Captured Above Georgia USA

This orange glowing UFO has been captured by a eyewitness above Georgia USA, they stated that the crafts were making erratic movements.

Orange Glowing UFO Has Been Captured Above Georgia USA, UFO News

UFO Sighting Description - Circle with a glow

Location - Georgia USA

Event Time:2006-04-15 10:00PM

Eye Witness Testimony 

'To be honest I have no idea what this object is. all I know is while trying to take a picture of the moon,from my front yard, looking into the western sky, 

I seen nothing but the moon before and after I took the picture, in fact I took two pics and didn’t notice anything until I looked at the pictures on my computer, but there appears to be two objects in one picture and nothing but the moon in the second. well I leave it to you to tell me because no one else(friends) could tell me nothing other than they don’t know'