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Thursday, 30 April 2015

UFO NEWS: Orange Glowing UFO Has Been Captured Flying Above North Carolina

This orange glowing UFO has been captured flying above a mountain in North Carolina. The witness said that the object was really bright and even looked as if it was changing shape. 

Orange UFO, Glowing Orange UFO Has Been Captured Flying Above North Carolina

Orange UFO, Glowing Orange UFO Has Been Captured Flying Above North Carolina

UFO Sighting Description
 - Small brightly glowing light appeared just above mountains in distance during a clear, sunny day.

Location - Asheville, North Carolina 

Event Time - 2014-05-03 3:30PM

Eye Witness Testimony 

'I and a friend had stopped at Craggy Gardens visitor’s center on the Blue Ridge Parkway on Saturday, May 3rd at about 3:20. We were looking towards the NE taking photos of the mountains when we noticed a very, very bright object/light hovering just above the mountain range in the distance. The light appeared at about 3:30. The day was sunny, bright with few clouds. There were about 20 people there as well and we were all looking at the light discussing what it could be. A few cars even stopped on the road and asked what “that bright light is?”

I was using my friend’s Kodak digital 10 megapixel camera and immediately zoomed in on the object. I could not see any details except it looked round and was extremely bright. I have included a photo of the object. I had to resize the original photo to post it on this site but would be willing to send the original 10 megapixel photo along with the others I took. 

I took several photographs at different zoom settings to make sure I had the surrounding area for reference. The light lasted about 10 to 20 minutes and then slowly faded away, never moving from it’s original spot. The photos I took show that the light never moved from it’s original position. No other effects were noticed by any of the witnesses that I know of. I have sharpened the photo and increased the contrast but otherwise I have not retouched the photo in any way and still have the original if needed. 

I did try and zoom up close to the light but the camera could not focus on the object/light. I don’t know if an out of focus image of the object/light is of any interest or help, but I have saved it as well. Another photo of the object zoomed in seems to show it changed shape from round to another shape, but I can’t be sure. I have included that photo as well.'