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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

UFO SIGHTING: Glowing Green UFO Spotted In The Sky Above Florida

This glowing green UFO has been spotted floating in the sky of Florida. The witness has given the below testimony and has said 'this was way beyond a backyard hoax'.

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UFO Sighting Description - Green Glowing Object Floating and moving erratically

Location - Florida USA

Event Time - 2009-07-06 9:00PM

Eye Witness Testimony -

I have two eyewitness reports.

'Around 9 P.M. a friend called me to come outside. There was a green light in the sky, but it was too close to be a star. It was moving side-to-side and hovering, like nothing I have ever seen before. I jumped in my car and drove to its location. It was a green glowing diamond shaped object, about 100ft above us, floating. We watched and took pictures as more bystanders showed up. It slowly started to move NE. Then all of a sudden it shot 30 ft east in seconds. It was unbelievable. We watched it move half a block east then come to a stop. 

A police officer eventually showed up and asked us what we were doing. He saw the object also and had no idea what it was. Around this time we saw a white wire sticking out of both sides of this UFO. I have no pictures of it though. It eventually went very high in the sky and slowly faded away. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen.

Monday night I was driving West on SW 18th Street in Boca Raton to pick my Family up at my brother’s home in the area and I noticed a “different” light in the sky. What caught my eye is that the angle changed as I was driving. That’s what first increased my interest. There was a car behind me so I turned North On Isabella and stopped the car. I got out of my car and observed something really incredible. After a few minutes a jogger came buy and when I pointed it out to him, he got a little freaked out. 

I was on the telephone with my wife at my brother’s home telling her what I was seeing. They all went outside and didn’t see anything because perhaps for the tree lines and they were about a ½ mile away. I went to pick everyone up, my wife, two daughters and my Father-in-law and went back to the scene. When we returned, there were about 20 people, mostly kids in the street all on their cell phone going a little nuts. 

My Family got out of the car not really expecting anything. That didn’t last long. About 5 minutes later, my brother showed up with his daughter, he was skeptical from the onset. When he got out of his car, the UFO was just hovering, but when it started to move, he, like everyone else started to scream. My brother is a local dentist in town and he called a colleague of his that lives in the neighborhood too, same reaction. 

This was a VERY clear night with a full moon. There were a few white clouds. One of the kids had a pair of binoculars. Eric Vandernoot, the astronomer at Florida Atlantic University has no clue. There were no sounds, no motor sounds, no weather balloon, no laser, nothing but the shape with movement that is unexplainable from any technology we have to produce such an event. The movement at times was so vast that a weather balloon would have to be miles in size and in that case you would have to see it.. This was truly a remarkable event that can not be identified. 

It was in the air too long to have been propelled too fast by a remote hobby aircraft, and no sound. I can see now how someone would have to explain this away as a hoax. I have better than 20/20 corrected vision, don’t drink etc, have a very technical and mechanical background and know this was way beyond a backyard hoax or even a far, far stretch for Disney.'