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Sunday, 26 April 2015

UFO SIGHTING: Glowing UFO Captured Hovering Over Priest Lake USA

This glowing UFO was captured hovering over Priest Lake in the US. The object looks like an orb and even seems to be multicolored. Below is the witnesses testimony.

UFO Sightings Glowing UFO Captured Hovering Over Priest Lake USA, UFO Sighting News

Witness Testimony 
My mother observed and photographed the UFO while visiting me in Priest Lake, ID We have both seen the object before on different occassions and in different directions.
My mom noticed the bright light through the window and then retrieved her camera to photograph the object.

She went outside to the front entryway and took several photos. Note that the digital photos have the wrong time on them as the camera does not have the time set correctly.
The object pulsates and changes shapes and colors. It hovers and moves about in an area and has appeared at various times and places in different directions over the course of the last year.

Location - Priest Lake, Idaho.

Time Of Sighting - 2014-02-04 6:15AM