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Thursday, 30 April 2015

UFO SIGHTING: Glowing UFO's Have Been Captured Above England

These glowing UFO's have been captured by a local eyewitness hovering above Derbyshire England. The witness described them as fluttering light and could not explain them.

Glowing UFO, These Glowing UFO's Have Been Captured Above England

UFO Sighting Description - Fluttering light over moorland and flying object in close proximity to witness

Location - Glossop United Kingdom, England (Borough of High Peak in Derbyshire)

Event Time - 2011-11-06 6:15PM

Eye Witness Testimony

'While walking on Upper Shelf Moor near Glossop just after the daylight faded, a series of dull thuds were heard and felt by all three people. Shortly after reaching the footpath, a light was spotted in the sky above the Edale area. This light was moving slowly towards Manchester, resembling an aircraft. However it shot sideways, covering around five miles in less than a second and then stopping dead. 

It then started shooting in random directions, hovering in a stationary position, then surging. It seemed to have white light coming from it. After a while moving around the sky a white beam of light appeared to emit from the bottom of the object. Shortly after this two fast jets were seen moving quickly into the area, the object then moved away from them, back towards Manchester. We then lost sight of it and a helicopter with a searchlight was seen in the area, sweeping the ground. This made us all quite anxious so we decided to get back to the car. I managed to get a photo of this object, showing three stars as a reference, with the motions of the object over four seconds in the lower left corner.

While walking back to the car, we looked behind us with a torch, and a reflective object was seen on the ground by me, bouncing the light back to us. This was approximately where we had been earlier when we heard the thudding sounds. Upon pointing this out to the other two people, I shone the torch back to where I had seen the light and a dark cylinder was seen shooting up into the air from the exact location of the reflective object just seconds earlier.

We then left the area quickly and got into the car, seeing nothing else. The link below details where we were stood throughout the duration of the event. The thudding sounds were heard further back, to the right of the large plateau.'