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Thursday, 30 April 2015

UFO SIGHTINGS: White Glowing UFO Caught Hovering Above New York

This white glowing UFO has been caught hovering above New York, the craft can be seen emitting a bright white light.

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UFO Sighting Description - A bright white/greenish bright object

Location - New York

Event Time - 2011-10-09 12:00AM

Eyewitness Testimony -

'Before I was going to bed last night, i caught this out our skylight. I thought it was the moon but it was fluttering. After a closer look and seeing the moon was in the opposite sky as where this was, and planes flying what looked to be way under it, i decided to snap a few pics. The first quickly took the pics from inside the house out the skylight which has a screen. I then went outside and took a clearer one. For sure it was not the moon, nor a plane or helicopter as it was hovering around same area fluttering all over the place.

A bright white/greenish bright object that i probably would have just thought it was a planet that you could see this time of year or something, until I noticed it was moving around enough, to where I was standing dead still, with all the house lights off and it was moving in and out of the square of the skylight very erratically. This was well beyond where their would be any flight traffic.At least a few miles higher.

I watched it for about a half hour, including taking the pics. Being so late and having to work in the morning, i had to call it a night so I can not say how long it was actually there besides what i saw. This is in Staten Island, NY, in the skies , back over the water from Gateway to Princes Bay. This is approximate logistics, as I am not an astronomer to tell you where in the skies it actually was.'