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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Unidentified Glowing UFO's Have been Caught Flying Above Massachusetts USA

These unidentified glowing UFO's have been caught hovering above Massachusetts 2015, the object can be seen hovering motionless in the sky, the witness stated there were a total of 5.

Glowing UFO's Caught Flying Above Massachusetts USA

Eyewitness Testimony 

Dropped off passengerand noticed odd bright yellow orange lights hoovering in the sky to the north. Viewed and noticed several more appeared, total of 5. 

They did not all move in the same direction, some stayed fixed in position. Some went very dim and then came back very bright. Total of 4 witnesses observed this. Driver became anxious and demanded to get going home. Several snapshots from phone camera taken. Pictures from phone camera show more detail however show a very difrent color than observed. The objects appear very difrent when we zoom in on the pictures

UFO Sighting Description - Orb UFO's

Date - 19/02/2015

Location - Massachusetts USA

Colour - Orange