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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Unidentified Orange Orb Shaped UFO Caught Above Florida USA

This unidentified orange orb shaped UFO has been caught by a local eyewitness hovering close to the ground 2015, they have stated that the object was emitting a very bright orange colour and that it was travelling slowly.

Unidentified Orange Orb Shaped UFO Caught Above Florida USA

Eyewitness Testimony 

I was walking on Siesta Beach just after sunset on 1/19/2015 less than halfway between the Terrace and the first lifeguard stand and I noticed an orange glowing object coming up out of the water at about 30ft. from the shore. 

It ascended into the air and hovered in one spot at a low altitude then proceeded to move slowly to the right in a straight line or due north. I took a couple of pics and wondered if anyone else was seeing it like I was. There was a guy standing a few feet from me and was watching me trying to zoom in for a closer pic of something in the sky but it seems like no one else was paying attention.

UFO Sighting Description - Orange UFO

Date - 01/19/2015

Location - Florida

Colour - Orange