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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Glowing Disc Shaped UFO Captured Flying Above Washington, UFO Sighting News

This glowing white disc shaped UFO has been caught flying above Washington USA. The local eyewitness has stated that the reason he spotted the unexplained object was because of how bright it was.

Glowing Disc UFO Captured Above Washington, UFO Sighting News

Glowing Disc UFO Captured Above Washington, UFO Sighting News

Latest UFO Sightings Glowing UFO Sighted Above Washington

UFO Sighting Description - Small very bright object flying no jet trail,the turn and head south .

Location - Bremerton Washington USA

Event Time - 2011-09-04 6:53AM

Eyewitness Testimony - 

'Well,i was out side my house,clear day .I looked up and was looking at a passenger jet in the distance{contrails].Thats when i noticed a small very very shinny like sunshine on polished chrome,real bright coming towards me,{in my direction]i ran inside and grabbed my kodak cx7430 4.0 mega pixels .the object then made a smooth sweeping turn headed south.the photos i have sent are outside my house.I did not see the other object in photo lower left ,till i looked at photos on comp. '