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Monday, 25 May 2015

Latest UFO Sightings Orange UFO's Captured Flying Above Nebraska

Latest UFO sightings orange glowing UFO's have been captured flying above Nebraska USA, the UFO's can be seen emitting a bright orange light.

Latest UFO Sightings Orange UFO's Flying Above Nebraska

Latest UFO Sightings Orange UFO's Flying Above Nebraska

UFO Sighting Description - Orange Glowing Light

Location - Nebraska USA

Event Time - 2012-06-17 12:00AM

Eyewitness Testimony - 

I came out of my house at around midnight to smoke a cigarette out front of my house and saw an orange orb just to the west of the transmission tower at benson high school(which is 1 block north of my home) and it was just above(and west) of the highest light at the tower. I ran inside and grabbed my droid bionic work phone with 8mp Camera. I shot 2 videos neither one turned out well because Im not a photographer(saved both to camera). 

The orange orb appeared to the west and just above the tower but the distance behind it is unknown. It traveled to the East at a fairly moderate rate, just faster than you would expect an airplane to travel. 

From the time I saw this orb from the time it disappeared was 2 minutes or less it disappeared just before its path would have taken its line of sight behind a tall pine tree across the street. 

I thought it was odd for two reasons. #1 I live close enough to the airport in Omaha where an airplane is obvious at a distance (white/ red flashing lights) this was distinctly orange(no flashing). #2 I saw a similar object in very close proximity weeks earlier in early evening appear to rise from the city travel north then east before fading out as if a fire was dying.