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Monday, 25 May 2015

Latest UFO Sightings Pulsating UFO's Spotted Above Oregon

Latest UFO sightings these mysterious pulsating UFO's has been spotted by a local eyewitness flying above Portland Oregon USA. The witness states that there was 13 glowing object in the sky that night.

Latest UFO Sightings Pulsating UFO's Spotted Above Oregon

Latest UFO Sightings Pulsating UFO's Spotted Above Oregon

UFO Sighting Description - Huge Glowing UFO Orbs

Location - Portland Oregon USA

Event Time - 2013-05-11 8:00PM

Eyewitness Testimony - 

'It was a warm evening and just came home from church, my Wife stayed for additional duty so I took off my dress shirt grab a cool one and sat on the patio facing NE so I could enjoy the trees and slight breeze when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I sensed movement. At first I thought these were beautiful golden yellow orbs were balloons floating toward me but instantly realized they were not as they were almost perfectly single file. 

I jumped up and stood next to the corner of my house next to a bunch of computer discs, an air foil that made flashes like mirrors. I counted them as they came 13 of them, the leader came so close I think I could have hit it with a rock when all of a sudden they must have finally sensed me they broke formation and headed south a perfect 90deg turn. I ran to get my old Sony camera it only took a minute but by then they were white glowing dots in the sky. I felt cheated that I didn’t get pictures of the beautiful golden yellow orbs, then as I stood there staring after I see more movement directly the east again! 

Here came a massive orb like the sun I was stunned and then I see a tiny classic saucer shape hiding slightly behind it, It came to about 1/4 mile away and hovered, I was so shocked I forgot the camera,,,,,,,,,,Then I done something I regret doing, verbally I said who are you friend or foe? Then holding my hands out I asked do you want to be friends ? Instantly I felt this searing pain in my solar plexus and upper stomach and I yelled ooooh as I grabbed myself. Instantly it/they moved south and to the west on other side of my house and I ran around and tooksome pictures but they changed shape like they were instant far from me,,,,,,,,,,two I took when close turned out blank. I was scarred and felt sick, when my wife came home I told her what happened. 

For 3 days I told no one for fear they brand me a teller of tales. Finally I went to neighbors whos 2 little boys were kicking a socker ball around while their mother watched, she heard or seen nothing my closest neighbor said she seen or heard nothing but her dog and neighbors dogs barked for 1/2hr continuously, they didn’t know why? I called Air National 4 miles away and asked about radar check, they said their was no alert but requested a report and I also sent a report to Seattle to the UFO report center there! I swear this is all true and I still suffer chest and stomach pain occasionally to this day.'