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Friday, 29 May 2015

Latest UFO Sightings Triangle UFO Captured Hovering Motionless Above Arizona

Latest UFO sightings this triangle shaped UFO has been captured hovering motionless above Arizona USA. The local eyewitness has stated that they did not know what the object was and that it just hovered in the sky motionless not moving.

Latest UFO Sightings Triangle Shaped UFO Captured Hovering Motionless Above Arizona

UFO Sighting Description - Triangle Shaped UFO

Location - Arizona, USA

Colour - White

Size - Medium 25ft - 50ft

Characteristics - " I noticed this triangular shaped object flying in the sky and automatically I thought UFO, I have never seen a aircraft this shape and up until now never seen a UFO. The object did not make any sound and was hovering motionless it was so big and how it just stayed in the same place I will never know it was crazy."