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Friday, 29 May 2015

Mysterious Black UFO Caught Flying Above Cows, UFO Sighting News

This mysterious black orb shaped UFO has been caught flying above cattle, the local eyewitness who caught the UFO stated that there was no sound coming from the object and that they think this is a legitimate picture.

UFO Sightings, UFO Caught Flying Above Cows, UFO Sighting News

UFO Sighting Description - Black UFO

Colour - Black 

Size - Small 10ft - 20ft

Characteristics - " I was taking pictures of cattle and the landscape and after see the picture noticed a UFO hovering above the cattle it does not seem to be a smudge on the camera you can see in the picture a smudge in the middle and it does not match the object. I have no idea what it was and I did not hear anything while being out here so the object didnt make any sound."