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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Silver Disc Shaped UFO Spotted Flying Above Canada, UFO Sighting News

This silver disc shaped UFO has been spotted flying above Canada. The eyewitness stated that they could see a very shinny object flying in and out of the clouds.

UFO Sightings, Disc Shaped UFO Spotted Above Canada, UFO Sighting News

UFO Sighting Description - Silver object spotted in binos recorded through my telescope with handheld video camera

Location - Canada Kelowna

Event Time - 2009-08-21 2:30PM

Eyewitness Testimony - 

'Two days ago I was looking for unidentifiables, expecting to see nothing I watch the clouds laying in my lawn chair recliner with binocs glued to my head scanning the sky, high in the north western sky I noticed a very small shinny objects travelling in front of the clouds on a slow consistent south west path. 

I observed it for a good 20 minutes when my neighbour startled me to ask to check why the sink leaks. about 10-15 minutes later I was outside again trying to find where it had gone. from my first observation I predicted that if on the same path it would be somewhere in front of it(obviously) after looking all over, to my excitement I had found it again. It appeared much farther away. In the back of my mind from when I frist saw it I had been telling myself to grab my telescope and have a look, but hesitated. 

I figured I would lose it and never see it again doing so. after a long viewing of the object through binoculars and not seeing much more than a point of silver light I took my telescope out and tried to find it. it took me a while to find. by now it was low in the west travelling what seemed to be farther away and creeping north. I took about 30 pictures through my telescope in magnifications ranging from 48x96x and 120x the pictures were quite blury due to my lack of camera skills. 

I then used the cameras video recording option and recorded 3 clips 2 in 120x mag and 1 in 48x magnification. The object was perfect round. On the clips the scope is bouncing slightly due to wind and shifts when I attempt to center the object. The picture I am sending is taken from the third video and sharpened with paint shop pro, and is my fav image from the event so far. I would like to think it is a weatherballoon but the characteristics of the objects and what I have been seeing on the internet, leed me to think otherwise. maybe someone can debunk this.'