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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Triangle Shaped UFO Spotted Hovering Motionless, UFO Sighting News

This triangle shaped UFO has been spotted hovering motionless above Nashville, The eyewitness has stated that the object did not move it was very stationary.

Glowing Triangle Shaped Craft Hovers Over Nashville

UFO Sighting Description - Triangle Shaped UFO

Location - Nashville, USA

Colour - Orange

Size - Large 50ft - 80ft

Characteristics - " i spotted this triangle shaped UFO hovering above my neighborhood the object was very large and made no sound. It had 3 very bright orange lights on each corner, it looks like no aircraft I have seen before. The object just stayed in the same place hovering like it was observing something I have never seen any aircraft do this before it looked as if time had stopped."