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Sunday, 3 May 2015

UFO NEWS: Mysterious Glowing Orange UFO's Caught Above USA

These mysterious glowing orange UFO's have been caught by a local eyewitness, these unidentified objects were spotted above Kansas USA.

Orange UFO, Mysterious Glowing Orange UFO's Caught Above USA, UFO Sighting News

UFO Sighting Description - Glowing Orange UFO's

Location - Kansas USA

Event Time - 2009-09-08 8:16PM

Eyewitness Testimony -

'Was just out side with the kids and my girl friend said babe look there it is again, it was right above us and south a little I then ran inside to get the camera came back out and in just seconds it was gone in the north east.

Here is the cell phone picture sorry I cant even see it on here by the time I ran in to get my cell phone off the charger it was almost gone,so you know the light you see that is kind of orange is a street light that just came on its right above it between the power lines headed away from the camera. Maybe if you guys can lighten the picture up you can see it?'