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Sunday, 3 May 2015

UFO NEWS: Mysterious Glowing UFO's Spotted Hovering Above USA

These mysterious glowing UFO's were spotted hovering above the USA. The lights were spotted changing color from a bright red to a glow.

Glowing UFO, Mysterious Glowing UFO's Spotted Hovering Above USA, UFO Sighting News

Glowing UFO, Mysterious Glowing UFO's Spotted Hovering Above USA, UFO Sighting News

UFO Sighting Description - 4 red lights to the south/southwest sky seen by me/my father/ and my neighbors at 12:38 Jan.1, 2009.

Location - USA

Event Time - 2008-12-31 12:38PM

Eyewitness Testimony

'I was turning down my road coming home from new years at a friend’s. As I stared down the road, I noticed a red dot in the sky, and thinking its just an airplane I drove on. Unknown to me, the trees had blocked my view of 2 other red lights of the same shape. I immediately came to a stop to watch to look for movement as these were too close for any aircraft formation at night. 

I raced into my driveway and called for my mom and dad to come out to look at these as well. As I ran back out the door, I saw another appear out of the southeast sky and slowly move towards the other objects. 

They seemed to be just below the clouds and stayed there for quite some time. The three objects to the left/southeast were in a diagonal arc formation and seemed to move perfectly in sync with each other. The other light seemed to move more freely. There was never a sound or a hint of any engines with these. 

The lights also changed from a bright red almost flare like glow, and occasional flicker. As we watched, a neighbor came out to go to his car. I called him over to look at the objects as well, and being stunned, he ran back in to get anyone he could to come outside as well. 

We stood and watched these object slowly drift southward. They seemed to descend for a short time before finally disappearing completely. Only one seemed to disappear into the clouds, but glimpses were caught coming in and out of the clouds. I stood in amazement and shock and only managed to get a short video of the closest object on a small digital camera. I waited about thirty minutes before calling local police dispatches but none had any reports.'