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Monday, 4 May 2015

Unidentified Red Orb Shaped UFO Captured Hovering Above Michigan, UFO Sighting News

This unidentified red orb shaped UFO has been captured hovering above Michigan USA the eyewitness stated after a while the object just began to disappear then later on that evening another UFO appeared.

Glowing UFO, Red Orb Shaped UFO Captured Above Michigan

UFO Sighting Description - Small, orange orb.

Location - Michigan USA

Event Time - 2009-07-04 8:30PM

Eye Witness Testimony -

'I was sitting with my family on a hill waiting for some fireworks to begin. 

I saw the object rise in the direction I was facing. It rose too slowly to be a plane, and too quickly to be a planet (it was cloudy, so it was impossible to see stars anyways) or a fireworks test (the object did not explode after it rose, and it was not rising from the direction from which the fireworks show was supposed to appear). 

I was at Okemos at Meridian Mall around 8 or 8:30 when the object appeared. At first I thought the object was a plane or maybe a fireworks test, but due to the reasons above I quickly discouraged those options. 

I felt rather calm during the sighting, but later I was confused because about an hour or so after the object disappeared (fading away) another object rose in exactly the same manner as the first, hovered at the same place in the sky as the first, and disappeared in the same way. 

After the fireworks show was over, I also saw another orange orb in the sky.'