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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Black UFO's Spotted Hovering Above Contrails, UFO Sighting News

These mysterious black UFO's were spotted hovering over contrails, the eyewitness states that after viewing pictures he took he could clearly see the objects had moved from frame to frame proving these objects were not camera anomalies.

Black UFO's Spotted Hovering Above Contrails, UFO Sighting News

Black UFO's Spotted Hovering Above Contrails, UFO Sighting News

UFO Sighting Description - Dark circular objects hover over contrails 

Location - Saint Louis USA

Event Time - 2011-10-22 4:54PM

Eyewitness Testimony - 

"I often notice the persistent plane vapor trail phenomenon happening since around ’99 over St. Louis. Some call them “chemtrails,” and I sometimes take pictures of the trails and/or planes making them. By the way, I’ve noticed that not all planes flying at these altitudes leave persistent trails when flying through the same air space close to or through the persistent trails. Anyways, in the picture taken Saturday 10/22 @16:54 (4:54 PM CDT). 

I noticed black dots in the image once I’d downloaded it to my computer, especially noticing a triangle of dots in the bottom-left quadrant of the X-trail I was photographing. I think this picture was taken at the full optical zoom of 24x. I expanded the 5.3 megapixal image and only increased the contrast to find the black objects circled in the image, which is a scaled down image of the original. I’ve taken many pictures of these trails over the years and have never noticed these circular dark objects. They are not camera anomalies as proven by the two pictures submitted, where the dark objects change position between the two images, evidence contrary to a camera anomaly. 

The second (contrast only adjusted) picture taken @16:55 (4:55 PM CDT), was zoomed back a bit to include my next door neighbor’s house for perspective of the X-trail, also showing the circled black objects have moved. There are 9 circled objects in the first picture, 10 in the second. There may be a few more objects in each seen at greater detail but not really at the detail I’ve published. 

These objects are not birds which do show up in my “skywriting” pictures sometimes but are pretty easily discerned as such. The objects in these images don’t appear to be moving at the time of image capture. These dark objects appear to be something in the sky that has moved in location in the span of 1 minute and 22 seconds. I don’t submit this for investigation, but as curiosity to the public of unidentified objects in the sky not conventionally known. I testify that I only altered the original images by; increasing their contrast, overlaying the circles, and scaling them down in size. If you download the images, zoom in with your image viewer to see a bit more detail."