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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Disc Shaped UFO Caught Flying Above Colorado, UFO Sighting News

A disc shaped UFO has been caught by a local eyewitness flying above Colorado, the witness snapped a picture of the Forrest and mountains and noticed a strange object in one of the photos.

UFO Sightings UFO Caught Flying Above Colorado, UFO Sighting News

UFO Sighting Description - Black Sphere Shaped UFO

Location - Colorado USA

Event Time - 2011-08-13 12:30PM

Eyewitness Testimony - 

"My wife took some panoramic photos while we were hiking the Abyss Lake Trail, which is located within the Mt. Evan wilderness area. The area we were hiking in is located 8-10 miles north of Grant, CO off of Guanella Pass Rd. We have a before and after photo, in which we cannot ascertain the identity of the object in one of our photos. If possible we would really like to have a second set of eyes to review the before and after photo."