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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Ghost Captured In Empty Elementary School, Ghost Sightings

Creepy ghost story in a empty school as told by the witnesses. "My boyfriend and I are out of town, but he has a cousin in El Reno. His cousin told us there was a haunted creepy dorm, and we decided to go check it out.

The directions we were given were pretty bad, so we wound up getting lost. We drove down the road next to the casino. We passed a museum and creepy abandoned elementary school. There were little kid seats, and we could swear we saw faces in the windows, but the doors were closed, and there was a huge light on the building, so we figured we shouldn't mess with it.

As we kept driving, we saw a dark shadow cross the street. We slowed down thinking there was an actual person crossing, and with the lack of light we didn't want to hit anyone. As we got closer, we realized that no one was actually there."

Ghost Pictures Ghost Captured In Empty Elementary School