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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Understand What Is Haunting Your House, Ghost Sightings

Do you know what the different types of haunting s are? One of the most famous is Intelligent Haunting... In an Intelligent Haunting the spirit, or ghost, demonstrates an intelligence and an awareness of its surroundings. These ghosts have been known to communicate with humans and to interact with their environment. 

In this type of haunting it is common for objects to be moved. There have been reports of ghosts making noises, such as rapping or banging on walls, slamming doors, or making footsteps. Ghosts have been known to move things around, or even to hide objects. 

They may even turn light switches on and off. This type of ghost will often manifest the personality of someone who has died. Smells and odors that were commonly present with the person when they were still living, such as tobacco, perfume, or flowers, often occur in these hauntings.

Ghost Pictures Understand What Is Haunting Your House