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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Latest UFO Sightings Triangular UFO Captured Above USA

Latest UFO sightings this triangular shaped UFO has been captured flying above Maryland USA, the local eyewitnesses has stated that they clearly observed a huge craft hovering in the sky making no noise then suddenly disappearing, read the full testimony below.

Latest UFO Sightings Triangular UFO Captured Above USA

Latest UFO Sightings Triangular UFO Captured Above USA

Eyewitness Testimony 

"Approx. 9:25-9:30 at night – at home, watching TV with Mom, when we hear Dad call, “Strange lights outside!” Immediately run out to see reddish orange, glowing orbs moving in a seamless, straight line, appearing over house line from SE. Four moved out first and continued in their direction, moved further away, then paused and formed a diamond shape. At this point I finally thought to go back in and grab my phone. 

Was able to record four more orbs moving into sight at same constant speed from same direction. Looked back to where original diamond had formed and it was gone. Mom ran back in house to grab binoculars – observed through them, they looked just like bright, orange, glowing orbs. Four orbs were moving steadily away to same place as previous four had made diamond formation. Made same diamond formation (too far away for my phone camera to pick up) and then disappeared. Did NOT move away – simply vanished. No sound made from them throughout. (In one video attached you can see two seem to vanish.)"

UFO Sighting Description - Triangle Shaped UFO

Date 2013-05-31 9:30PM

Location - Maryland USA

Colour - White