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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

UFO Sighting Captured Above Hampshire UK, UFO Sighting News

This UFO sighting has been captured above Hampshire UK, the mysterious object looks like a humanoid, read the eyewitness testimony below.

UFO Sighting Captured Above Hampshire UK, UFO Sighting News

UFO Sighting Description - Humanoid

Location - Aldershot, Hampshire

Colour - White

Size - Small 10ft - 15ft

Characteristics -

"We were returning from shopping in Aldershot driving up Redan Road on Sunday 8th September. As we approached the top of the hill I noticed a shiny object in the sky and turned to my husband and said "Oh my goodness what is that? Look!", He was equally surprised. 
We stopped off at the park at the top of the hill as we had promised our child and this gave us opportunity to observe the object. I just had my photo camera in my handbag at the time and so took a few photos of it, some were out of focus due to the nature of trying to take a shot of an object in the sky but a couple were clearly focused.

We watched it for about 10 minutes and I suggested to my husband that he return home to fetch the video camera. He was reluctant saying that in the time to get home and back (15 minutes or so) the object would be gone. 
After some convincing he went home and came back with the video camera where I then took some footage. It was a warm, sunny day with minimal wind. There was a large amount of vapour trails in the sky that afternoon. Observed the object from approximately 3pm until 3.45pm until it was obscured by cloud. 
The object remained in an "upright" position in the sky and was unwavering. It moved away from us slowly getting smaller and smaller but remained at the same altitude throughout our watching it. 
It was completely silent and steady. My husband posted a photo of the object where a local friend commented that they had also noticed the strange object that afternoon but was driving so was unable to fully inspect. Am baffled as to what we saw."