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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Disc UFO Caught Above Gosport England 2015, UFO Sightings

A disc shaped UFO has been caught hovering above Gosport England, a local eyewitness was fishing at the time when they noticed the UFO.

Disc UFO Caught Above Gosport England 2015, UFO Sightings

( Very similar to what the witness saw, unfortunately the eyewitness was unable to capture a photo)

( Stokes Bay where the UFO Sighting happened.)

Date - 22nd July 2015

Location - Gosport, Hampshire, England

Eyewitness Testimony

'On the morning of 22/07/2015, i was beach fishing on Stokes Bay beach Gosport Hampshire UK, i noticed a light high in the sky moving in a north easterly direction. My initial thought maybe satelite, or possibly the international space station. After a few moments the light brightened, i looked for aircraft navigation lights, there were none. the light seemed to fall from the sky, a moment later a huge pulsing pure white `not a reflective light`, it looked like a"blob" or a "splat" was above me i had felt a pressure change i remember taking an intake of breath, i was fixed to the spot trying to take in what i was witnessing,then a large orb slowly ejected from the object accended vertically above getting smaller to its zenith and started dancing about high in the sky. I noticed a very pale yellow haze around me, moments later the main object started to dim, until this moment i did not see a solid craft what i did see was, what i thought looked like the top of the Eifel Tower,a solid airial perhaps, definatley solid and looked metallic. The main object blinked out, the small orb was still high in the sky, i saw another light i believe was the main object connect to the the small orb then move off to the north east for a few seconds then blinked out. The night of the 22/07/2015, was clear starlit, no cloud. During the sighting i felt totally calm, even recall a smile on my face,i do recall being fixed to the spot my arms down by my side no fear totally calm however when sighting was over, i felt vunerable an fearfull, i looked at my watch it was 0210, i felt i had to get away i packed my gear and left. I had been on the beach for around 30 minutes before, and was wearing a beach light on my head, i wear glasses, looked above my glasses frame to confirm there was no reflection of head light.'

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