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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Man Details Abducted By Alien's Southampton England 2015, UFO Sightings

A Southampton man has detailed the time he was abducted by aliens, he stated that the aliens injected him with some sort drug, meaning he was awake through the whole ordeal but unable to move.

Date - 02 June 2015

Location - Southampton England

Eyewitness States

During the night 3-4 weeks previous to incident date at 4am I awoke to hear a very loud, low tone pulsating noice directly over my house the noise was off consitant strength on each pulse and as I woke up and it was directly over the objects on my bedside table were vibrating against the surface they are on and my window was also vibrating with the pulse. 

I lay and listened, I have worked as a boat engine mechanic and I knew that this noise was a propultion engine unlike any I have ever heard. I listened and tracked the noise of this pulsating to be able to estimate its location in the sky the noise would become louder and quiter again as it slowly combed my residential area in a grid like pattern (likely following the streets) It was moving only around 5mph and the pulses were around 2 seconds apart. After around 40 mins I heard the craft quickly getting louder and coming closer until the noise was directly overhead. petrified I used an advanced meditation technique to calm myself and drift into a dream. 

It was jsut an assumption but I felt the craft was scanning a grid of my area mapping it, once it had completed the area it returned to all points of interest while scanning. I believe I was a point of interest as I was awake and aware as it passed over. 4 weeks later (this is my report) I was in my lounge at 3-4am I was very awake and not tired as I had been working nightshifts in the week so my bodyclock was completely set to being awake at night. I heard the same pulsating engine noise approaching from the NW where my windows are placed. 

I could hear the craft was a long way out still very quiet, as it got closer is changed direction and started traveling north, I didnt see the craft as the way the houses are placed I can only see things overhead and within 200-300 metres infront. I turned all electricals and lights off and sat there waiting for it to return, around 40 mins later the craft approached head on from the NW again and flew directly over my house at treetop level, the craft had a higher wing section flat surface square underwing section that blocked the entire sky from my viewpoint, (I couldnt see the ends of either hosital edge so I estimate the wingspan to be around 400 metres hoszontally by 600-800 metteres nose to tail) the material was completely obsured as there were powerfull yellow and orange (spot lights similar to in a police helicopter) stratgeically placed in grid formations in 10 metre square areas, with much brighter spotlights every 50 meters squared at the corners. 

These more powerful lights cast a solid beam of light through the sky and were all moving indepandatly in a scanning searching motion (each seemed individually controled and were moving not in a sweeping motion but more like a fast human eye, locking in quickly to points of interest tracking that for a half second then jumping to another random point below and repeating. as the tail of the craft approached the was a porta cabin like room suspended below the craft aprox 30 meteres across 20 meters front to back, the entire front surface was windows with heavy dull blue metal victorian sash window looking frames, each crosssection of windowframe was covered in a thin layer of frost and ice similar to an extra cold bar tap, the glass of each window was yellow heavily translucent material almost opaque, it looked how a window of abandoned camper might look very grimey and dusty from the inside, each window that would appear head height if you were stood inside the (cockpit) were slightly clearer in a cirular motion (still dirty around the edges) as if someone from the inside had wiped the window, much like when a cars front window steams up. as this room was suspended below the wing and the wing was so low I estimate the bottom of this cockpit flew past barely missing scraping my roof by 10 metres. as I was in a second story room this cockpit flew right past me just overhead so I got a good look at it, the material in the glass and the metal used in the window payne are materials I have never seen in my adult life as an engineer. 

I suspect the frost on the metal window paynes is from the craft being at very high altitudes just previous and the thin layer of frost would melt over time as it is in this lower altitude, there was a small dim glow of light coming from the cockpit windows but as the material was quite thick and yellow like not much light was coming out, strangely though the exterior of the cockpit was very well lit from the amount of lights on the wing above. 

The whole thing looked like a victorian train cart with a giant carbon wing on top. I say victorian as the contruction seemed somewhat old fashioned. bordering on steampunk. later that night I went to sleep and awoke to find 3 entities and the rear of my bed. All 3 where wearing all black the one directly infront and to the left of them they were taller, around 6ft5 they where very slim and had hoods up that concealed their faces, I had left my windows open buy closed my curtains when I went to sleep, when I woke up my curtains were open and my windows were closed so I could see a little from the moonlight through the window. 

The 3rd entity was next to my bedside. As I awoke I had been proper up my pillows so I was sat upright, as I came too I knew something wasnt right, I couldn't move and the enitity to my right was holding my right arm at the wrist, leaning some weight on it with his right hand. the entity to my right holding my arm was smaller in height but very muscular and strong, I could feel the intence force he was putting on my wrist with little or no effort. his face was very close to mine and he dind't have a hood on, instead he had a black scrap of cloth like a bandanna tied across his mouth and nose like a surgeon would have. 

His face was undeniably an orc's face. very fat an muscular, big produded cheek muscles and cheek bones, he was wearing black leather gloves and an all black outfit with black leather breastplate with leather straps just like ancient samurais are portrayed wearing. there was a gap between his glove and sleve where I could see a very muscular dark green forearm, the face was also green with black hair similar to a human. as I woke up there were all very startled as if I shouldn't of been able to wake up. 

I tried with all of my might to come too and inflict feelings of anger and primal rage through my eyes as I looked the orc in the eye. He looked at the two tall beings at the end of my bed then reached into a bag behind him whilst still holding my wrist, As he was looking for something I was gaining in power and feeling more and more able to move, I felt like I was shaking of an anaesthetic, I started to raise my left hand to try and grab the orbs hand off my right. 

As I did one of the smaller entity becan to crawl towards me over my bed, whilst looking at that I sensed the orcs weight change on my right wrist, I looked to my right and he had a large syringe in my face, as I turned to him he squirted the entire syringe into my nose and I instantly became paralysed again, I remember looking at them and they started to dispear infron of my eyes, I started drifting unwillingly into a deep sleep, as I was drifting off I heard a conversation in an alien language I couldn't understand. I have alot of experience in the past meditation and lucid dreaming, I also have alot of experience with drug use in the past (nothing that could relapse something like this) so am very aaware of altered mind states and when I am and am not dreaming etc and when I am or am not been anaesthetised. The nearest drug I can compare the liquid they quirted in my nose is a pure form of valium or morphene.