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Friday, 27 November 2015

Die Glocke The German Nazi Wonder Weapon Unexplained Mysteries

Die glocke was believed to be a top secret Nazi wonder weapon. It was said to be the creation of Germanys brightest scientific minds. The same people who brought us the V1 and V2 rockets.

Allegedly an experiment carried out by scientists working for the SS in a German facility known as (“The Giant”) near the Czech border, Die Glocke is described as being a device “made out of a hard, heavy metal” approximately 2.7 metres wide and 4.6 metres high, having a shape similar to that of a large bell. According to researchers, this device contained two counter-rotating cylinders which would be “filled with a mercury-like substance, violet in color”. This metallic liquid was code-named "525" and was “stored in a tall thin thermos flask a meter high encased in lead.