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Monday, 9 November 2015

Giant White UFO Shocks Residents Above New Zealand, UFO Sightings

This giant white UFO was caught hovering above New Zealand. Local residents were shocked to see the large object just stationed in the sky. One witness said that a large plane flew close by the object and it didn't move.

Giant UFO Shocks Residents Above New Zealand, UFO Sightings

Giant UFO Shocks Residents Above New Zealand, UFO Sightings

Date of Sighting - December Sometime 2014

Location - Hamilton, New Zealand 

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It wasn't a bird, it wasn't a plane - but no-one seems to know quite what it was. A sphere-like object floating high above Hamilton had residents craning their necks and scratching their heads yesterday afternoon. 

It was seen from Pukete to Melville but the mystery of what the object was remains unsolved. Western Heights resident Leo Meagher went out for a look around lunchtime. "My wife was looking up at the sky and she spotted it, so I went and got the glasses," he said. "Then a plane went past and it was way above that, one of the big planes. And we wondered what it was."

The only explanation he could think of was a weather balloon. MetService meteorologist John Law said that was unlikely, but the unfamiliar sight was a good excuse to head out and enjoy the sunshine. Weather balloons were released from Whenuapai and Paraparaumu, around noon and midnight. "I don't think it would be one of those," he said. "As far as I know I don't think it's anything of ours."