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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Giant White Orb Spotted Above California, UFO Sightings

This giant white orb has been spotted hovering above California. The witnesses have stated that they had no idea what the craft was and that they checked there windscreen for an white spots and couldn't find anything.

Giant White Orb Spotted Above California, UFO Sightings

Giant White Orb Spotted Above California, UFO Sightings

UFO Sighting Description - White Orb

Date - May 24, 2010

Location - California USA

Eyewitness Testimony -

"A friend of mine snapped a UFO ORB unintentionally while taking a photo from her cellphone of the ocean view near the city of Pacifica, CA. This happened around 1pm. She did not notice the object while taking the photo. She first noticed the glowing object AFTER viewing the photograph so she didn't see the object in motion. 

I was not with her at the time but she sent me the photo the next day after noticing the glowing orb in the sky. We thought maybe it was the moon but the moon didn't rise til around 3:30pm earliest and its definitely not the sun since its 1pm and she is taking the photo facing west. The sun was above her to the left at that time. She checked her windshield to make sure there were no bright spots or any type of spot that could make that glowing object in the sky and that was ok as well. 

We don't think its a planet or star cause its not glittering but glowing.... Here are the photos: one is the original and the other is altered as I increased the saturation of the photo. The third photo is a cropped, up close photo with the saturation increased."