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Friday, 18 December 2015

Massive Fleet Of UFO's Caught Above Mexico, UFO Sightings

This massive fleet of UFO's has been witnessed by many locals above Mexico. The objects seem to rotate and can be seen reflecting the sunlight.

Massive Fleet Of UFO's Caught Above Mexico, UFO Sightingd

This UFO sighting along with many others are subsequently described as 'UFO fleets.' So this unique type of multiple UFO sightings has been around for quite some time, reported all over the world and documented in films, photos and videos. Mexico is distinguished by being the country with the most UFO fleet sightings documented on video. More and more UFO sightings are being reported over the skies of Mexico and is becoming a real hot spot for UFO activity.

Many have suggested that they are just balloons but the eyewitnesses that experienced this sighting say they were definitely not balloons and point to UFO's.

The Mexican experience in witnessing this rare phenomena has increased in the past three years for undetermined reasons, adding even more suspense to this mystery.